HÜSKER DÜ Released Their Raging Punk Debut Album ‘EVERYHTING FALLS APART’ 40 Years Ago

Back in time

13 January 2023

Who: Highly praised post-punk trio from Saint-Paul, Minneapolis
featuring Bob Mould, Greg Norton and Greg Hart

Active: 1979-1988
Albums: 6

Released: January 1983 via Reflex Records
50 years ago this month.

AllMusic: “The trio demonstrates that it’s capable of powerful noise, but not songcraft,
the only song with a discernible hook is their thrashing cover of Donovan’s “Sunshine Superman.” Still, the band’s hardcore is better than many of its contemporaries because its grasp of noise is superior. Even with the inconsistent songwriting, Everything Falls Apart rages with layers of blistering guitars and scorching rhythms that are exciting in their own right.”
Score: 3/5.

TUTV: A studio album that sounds like it was canned in a filthy basement with no decent recording material, resulting in a raw, rough, and rip-roaring PUNK rager. Definitely not their best, but as good as the noise competition of that era.

Stream here.

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