Smells Like Teen Spirit – AP TOBLER Steams Ahead On New Firecracker ‘EYE FOR AN EYE’

24 June 2021

Who: Annapurna “AP” Tobler is a 16-year old multi-instrumentalist musician,
singer, and songwriter based in San Jose, CA. Often described as a “grunge poet.”
AP writes music with heavy riffs and complex themes, holding mental health topics
as vital influences in her songwriting. AP aims to share her experiences with anxiety
and depression by crafting songs rooted in grunge and alternative rock, with hopes
that these thematic elements will speak to listeners who are going through similar experiences.

New single: EYE FOR AN EYE
About the experience of realizing that you’re in a toxic friendship. AP uses
the song as a way of releasing the negative emotions after ending things with
her best friend. A flaming banger from her upcoming EP ‘Alternate Vision’.

Score: An Eye For An Eye rattles and rolls from the riff-driven kick-off. Full steam
ahead. Imagine Joan Jett fronting Green Day with Courtney Love in the production chair. Pretty wild, right? This thunderous corker smells like teen spirit. Open-minded, crystal grunge clear and undismayed. AP sounds cool, looks cool and plays cool. Power to the youth! Damn right!

Go nuts right here…

AP TOBLER: Facebook

Debut EP ALTERNATIVE VISION out this summer