EZRA FURMAN Enkindles Brussels – From Gripping Turmoil To Euphoric Rock ‘N’ Roll Exhilaration…

EZRA FURMAN – Botanique, Brussels – 14 February 2018

From depressing parking lots to captivating singer/songwriter/performer
From losing his innocence to a boy named Vincent to ‘us vs the world’ feel
From driving down to L.A. to playing a sold out show in Brussels last night
From peeling an orange every morning to sucking the blood from a wound
From covering the wonderful Kate Bush to playing ardent Chuck Berry riffs
From psalms to transangelic exodus on four wheels, to loving you so bad…

From the great unknown to the rockabilly of tell em all to go to hell…

From loving/hating Valentine’s Day to the Queen of Hearts

From a beach house to an adoring, crouched audience…

From a dog day to a restless year

From fear to queer, from a dream to a scream

Here’s the whole set reproduced on Spotify
(except for ‘Kate Bush’ cover of ‘Hounds Of Love’)


EZRA FURMAN: Website – Facebook – Twitter

New album TRANSANGELIC EXODUS out now – available on iTunes

(all concert pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)