Lockdown Blues With Manchester Duo LOSSLINE

12 April 2021

Who: A Manchester singer/songwriter
tandem who love to write sad songs.

Info: “The duo began writing together during lockdown 1, sending songs or
ideas back and forwards through email. These songs were just something for
us originally, something to distract from everything going on in the world. The
first time we realised we had written an album was when a friend told us we had.”

Turn Up The Volume: When I feel dreary, melancholic, sad or nostalgic
or when all four of these moods trouble my mind I want to hear dreary, sad,
melancholic, and nostalgic tearjerkers. I guess it’s a universal human reaction.
That’s why romantic crooners such as Nick Cave, Matt Berninger, Bonnie “Prince”
Billy, Bright Eyes
, and tons of doleful balladeers from the past make/made
a living out of it.

I don’t think this Manchester duo is looking for world domination,
they just wanted to share their genuine, heart & soul lockdown
blues via this melodramatic record. Their friend is a musical

Dim the lights, sit down, have
yourself a drink and drift away…

LOSSLINE: Instagram

Two sad Mancs…