Texan Duo MEMORY KEEPERS With Vocoding Glam Stomper ‘FAINT INK’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

11 March 2019

(pic by Beerland, Tx)


Who: A side project of Jared Boulanger and Amarah Ulghani from Austin, Texas band
The Sour Notes producing “guitar hooks cut through distorted samples and vocals, coasting on driving beats and bass synth lines. Audiophiliac homages to heroes past swirl alongside lighthearted wordplay and it’s darker undertones.”

Track: FAINT INK – new 7″ single

Score: This fervent computerized stomper will activate your bloodstream instantly.
Just think for a minute of six that German robot pop machine Kraftwerk was actually an electronic glam rock act, that’s how ‘Faint ink‘ rattles and rolls madly like an unstoppable bolide. Pushed by a fat dance bass synth and sizzling percussion while otherworldly vocals sound totally vocoded. Midway the tempo drops only to reload the trance batteries and to restart the pumping swagger of the beats accompanied now along the way by a frisky and poppy melody line. Energize all of your senses and most of your limbs right here…

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