Electro Krautrock In Overdrive – New Album ‘FALL OFF THE APEX’ By LA JUNGLE

22 May 2021

Who: An inflammable two cylinder
electro-noise engine from Belgium.

Album: FALL OFF THE APEX – their 4th LP
Released: 21 May 2021 – more info here

Score: Once this electro-punk-rock turbo leaves the gates, it’s impossible to
turn it off, no way whatsoever. Jim and Reggie produce a red-hot avalanche of
thunderous beats to go totally ballistic to, unless you’re stuck in a straitjacket.
Their trance-like, mind-boggling, faster-than-your-brain-can-register drive makes
your poor head spin uncontrollably. Repetitive guitar/synth/drum riffs boost your adrenalin’s stream and help you to shake all your hell-bent demons off. Get the
sonic picture? Before you press play make sure you’re, physically, in top shape,
if not you risk losing control and crash. Either way you’ll have a shocking electric
chair experience.

Here’s a short instruction track-by-track manual
in order to know what your ears can expect…

Aluminium River: Warming up
Le Jour Du Cobra: Razzle-dazzle wizardry
Du Sang Du Singe: Nine Inch Nails without brakes
Hyperitual: Hellish roller coaster
Marimba: Taking a breath
Feu L’Homme: Apocalypse Now
Interloud: Drums from the jungle
The End The Score: A didjeridoo driven tour de force,
ominous and spellbinding. A never-ending mindfucker.

Clip for single Le Jour Du Cobra

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(concert photo by Turn Up The Volume!)

LA JUNGLE – The Mean KrautNoise Duo Machine Released Sonic Orgasm ‘LE JOUR DU COBRA’

27 April 2021

Who: Two electro-punk-sound explorers fro Belgium
Works: Check their Bandcamp account

New album: Fall Off The Apex – out 21st May

Lead-single: LA JOUR DU COBRA

Score: Here’s what you need for some steamy sonic sex. A bulldozer-feedback intro, repetitive synth-thrills, glowing guitars, freakish voices and a thunderous pace all rolled into one mad-as-a-hatter Kraut-noise escapade making your mind go dizzy, your heart beating faster and your potency going sky-high. Non-stop straight-through snake-tastic bedlam from start to finish. Fuck viagra, long live La Jungle!

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New album FALL OF THE APEX out 21st May via Black Basset Records

(live photo by Turn Up The Volume!)