LIVE KICK OF THE DAY – “You Don’t See That Every Night” – THE FAT WHITE FAMILY

One live track a day keeps the doctor away

11 September 2022

Who: Post-punk cowboys from Sheffield/London
One of the best live bands of the past 15 years.

From their 2014 debut album Champagne Holocaust.

Where/when: David Letterman Show (US) – 2017

At the end of the a.w.e.s.o.m.e. performance, host David Letterman
addressed the audience, “you don’t see that every night.

He’s right, we should see that every night.

Here’s why

FAT WHITE FAMILY: Bio – Discography – Instagram

One Live Shot A Day Turns Summer Into A Holiday – Today: The Night FAT WHITE FAMILY Went Berserk On American TV

Daily live fireworks to entertain or annoy your neighborhood during summer

The a.w.e.s.o.m.e FAT WHITE FAMILY were the best band in the world between 2011 and 2019, off and on stage as I experienced myself several times. These are the mavericks who turned chaos on a podium into an art form. The team’s prima don Lias Kaci Saoudi is without a shadow of a doubt the best live frontman I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen tons of them.

Both diabolic and blustering, always – I repeat, always – singing/screaming his brains out.

One day in August 2017 FWF went on TV in the Divided States of America on the legendary Late Show wIth David Letterman. As Letterman said, in the end with a big smile on his face, ‘You don’t see that every night. I still wonder how they got past the show’s security with their sacks filled with dope.

Just watch this, ladies and gents, and you’ll understand why I want this gang back with a new album and an extensive tour (preferably with the other key member Saul Adamczewsk also on the bus) and become the best band in the world again, before Harry Styles spreads a new virus, fabricated by Bill Gates, of course, to hypnotize this planet’s population and forcing them all to buy his shitty records.

Fucktatsic performance!

FWF Albums

Champagne Holocaust – 2014
Songs For Our Mothers – 2016
Serfs Up!
– 2019


Ghent (my hometown) – 2014

Brussels – 2015

Tourcoing, France, 2015
The gig was over after 20 minutes after
Saul left the stage (no idea why).

Brussels – 2016
Saul left the stage after 10 minutes (no idea why)
but the show had to go on and it did.

Brussels – 2019

Dour festival, Belgium – 2019

All pictures by Turn Up The Volume.

SPOTLIGHT On… Natural Born Helter-Skelter Misfits FAT WHITE FAMILY

Favorite Turn Up The Volume bands

12 February 2022

Who: Natural born misfits with key members Lias Kaci Saoudi (manic frontman)
and Saul Adamczewski (musical director). They crawled out of their squats in
Peckham, London in 2011.

It’s really a miracle that the Family is still around as their first years were filled with too many drugs and booze, chaotic gigs (I know, I saw them several times. They even left the stage – nobody sober – after 20 disorderly minutes in France a couple of years ago) and different line-ups.

Despite all that make-or-break shit, the hit team survived with smiling faces and their concerts became tempestuous helter-kelter events, making them one of the best live
acts of the past 10 years I’ve ever witnessed and their records got better and better.

Manc rock legend Liam Gallagher is a big fan too. He invited the natural-born
misfits them to play at his upcoming massive outdoor shows in Knebworth (UK)


Champagne Holocaust (2014)
Songs For Our Mothers (2016)
Serfs Up! (2019)

Three TUTV favorites…


(Modern disco)

(Absolutely sick performance)


(Photos by Turn Up The Volume)

British Rock Anarchists FAT WHITE FAMILY Have TEN THOUSAND APOLOGIES For The Release Of A New Book

Must-read stuff

23 September 2021


Who: Gang of controversial and self-destructive anarchists from Sheffield/London that miraculously survived after 10 years of drugs and tons of other toxic situations in and
out of the band but they also managed to produce 3 longplayers and to be one of the most exciting/flabbergasting/frenzied bands that hit the stage this century, in my book.

Here’s an idea…


Authors: Adelle Stripe and Lias Saoudi, the Family’s charismatic frontman
(I wonder what Lias’ part will be in the book, as I doubt that he can remember
a lot about the past brain-damaging 10 years).

(Lias looking for inspiration for the book in Brussels (2016), photo by Turn Up The Volume)

White Rabbit says: “Co-written with lucidity and humour by singer Lias Saoudi
and acclaimed author Adelle Stripe, Ten Thousand Apologies is that rare thing: a music book
that barely features any music, a biography as literary as any novel, and a confessional
that does not seek forgiveness. This is the definitive account of Fat White Family’s disgraceful and radiant jihad – a depraved, romantic and furious gesture of refusal to a sanitised era.”

Out: February 2022 via White Rabbit Books
Pre-order info: via Rough Trade

(The Lou ‘heroin’ Reed days of musical maestro Saul Adamczewski
photo by Turn Up The Volume – France 2016)

Most recent FWF album
Serfs Up! (2019)

FWF: Facebook

One Festival Track A Day Turns Summer Into Holiday – FAT WHITE FAMILY On Their FEET At Glastonbury

26 August 2020

(photo by Turn Up The Volume! Belgium 2019)

Watch London based bohemians FAT WHITE FAMILY, one of the best bands of the
21st century – FACT! – playing Feet, the standout lead single from their standout,
third album SERFS UP! at Glastonbury Festival in 2019.

Here we go…


Ten Epic Live Performances I Never Ever Get Tired Of…

Hands up if you like these ten stunning tracks as much as I do. Ten standout performances that send shivers down my spine, ten goosebumps crackers I can listen to any moment of the day, ten stunners I heard for about 1 million times, and will countless times again in the future.

Here’s why…

1. Dead & Gone’ by TOY (UK)
Smashing psychedelia with a mind-blowing finale…

2. ‘I Am Mark E Smith by FAT WHITE FAMILY (UK)
One of the best live bands of the past 10 years…

3. ‘Chlorine’ by THE DISTRICTS (Philadelphia, PA)
Overwhelming passion, towering intensity…

4. ‘Despair’ by YEAH YEAH YEAHS (US)
Gorgeous pop queen Karen O at her very best…

5. ‘Baby I Call Hell’ by DEAP VALLY (California, US)
Kick-ass blues rock frenzy by two utterly cool ladies…

6. ‘Common People‘ by PULP (UK)
Jarvis Cocker‘s orgiastic performance leads to spectacular euphoria…

7. ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony by THE VERVE (UK)
Fist-pumping anthem…

8. ‘Laid’ by James (UK)
No festivals this year, but this is my ecstatic alternative…

9. ‘Fried My Little Brains’ by THE KILLS (UK/US)
I’m in love with Alison Mosshart, she does my brains in…

10. ‘Rocks’ by PRIMAL SCREAM (Scotland)
The steamy ripper The Rolling Stones never wrote…

TURN UP THE VOLUME’s 15 Knockout Tracks Of 2019…

The following 15 Knockout Tracks activated my limbs, impressed
my greedy ears and made me move in mysterious ways in 2019.

1. ‘Better’ by RICH GIRLS ((New York, NY, US)
A punchy and mesmeric shot of electrifying guitar pop adrenalin…

2. ‘Feet’ by FAT WHITE FAMILY (London, UK)
A chant-like odyssey with a ghostly and hypnotic vibe and – yes – a Gregorian choir…

3. ‘Air BnB’ by KIM GORDON (US)
A battering jackhammer with a vehement drift and a gloomy impact…

4. ‘Hurricane Laughter’ by FONTAINES D.C. (Dublin, Ireland)
Stormy steamroller with an irresistible punk drive by one of the best new bands in town…

5. ‘White Male Carnivore’ by YAK (London, UK)
This is a really nasty sledgehammer. A thunderous rocker with a droning force…

6. ‘Going Norway’ by GIRL BAND (Dublin, Ireland)
Bone-crushing chainsaw electricity and exorcistic howling. Demonic stuff…

7. ‘More Is Less’ by THE MURDER CAPITAL (Dublin, Ireland)
A dazzling post punk uppercut fueled with stormy guitars and angry vocals all over it…

8. ‘Cave Person’ by PEUK (Belgium)
A sickly catchy, grungy outburst with the scariest primal screams I heard in years…

9. ‘Destiny’ by PRYSM (England)
A multi-layered tumultuous stunner that grabs you by the throat from the get-go…

10. ‘Time Bomb Sounds’ by THE LOCALS (Chicago, US)
An emotional corker resonating gloriously rapturous and exultantly epic…

11. ‘Motor City Steel’ by THE DANDY WARHOLS
An utterly addictive earworm that keeps buzzing in your head after one spin…

12. ‘Disco Peanuts’ by WARMDUSCHER (London, UK)
Funky disco fuel for all misfits, outsiders, and desperadoes out there…

13. ‘Ar.Mour’ by UNKLE Feat. Miink & Elliot Power (UK)
Trip-hop at its trippy best. Tantalizing beats, dancey vibrations, and an addictive rhythm…

14. ‘Ego’ by FERAL FIVE (London/Kent, UK)
A vibrating and flamboyant European disco cracker to dance yourself dizzy to…

15. ‘The Desert’ by WHERE WE SLEEP (London, UK)
Intoxicating swagger, sensuous vocals, hellish guitars, cutting atmosphere…

All 15 Knockout Tracks
together on Spotify