DEAP VALLY Launches Dazzling Barbie Clip For ‘GRUNGE BOND’…

Clips that will impress your eyes and your ears


16 February 2018

DEAP VALLY dropped another clip for another cracker of their 2nd, critically acclaimed, album Femejism. Barbie and her friends are the stars of the video for GRUNGE BOND. Wickedly hilarious, sickly inventive and utterly cool. Press the button and roll the dolls…

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(pic on top: FB Deap Vally)

VIVA VIDEO – Californian Powerhouse DEAP VALLY Drops Crying Shame Clip For ‘TWO SEAT BIKE’…

-Clips that will impress your eyes and your ears…


3 February 2018

DEAP VALLY aka the hottest 2-motor engine in town dropped, a sexually ‘mixed emotions’ clip for TWO SEAT BIKE. One of the catchiest highlights of their 2nd, critically acclaimed, album Femejism. The video features re-edited footage from drummer Julie Edwards’ NYU thesis film, titled ‘It’s Hard’. You have no reason at all not to sing along… ‘Shooby Dooby Doo Rama Lama Ding Dong’ and scream along… ‘It’s a crime It’s a crime It’s a crime It’s a crying shame’. Just press the button and roll it…

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(pic on top: FB Deap Vally) 

DEAP VALLY Surprises With Gripping Unplugged Version Of ‘TURN IT OFF’…

‘Turn It Off’ by DEAP VALLY

As an homage to the nineties the utterly cool & noisy blues rock ladies of DEAP VALLY decided to record an EP with four of their favorite songs of last year’s booming album FEMEJISM stripped to the bone. John Stavas created a moony clip for TURN IT OFF, one
of the four tracks chosen to play without electricity. It also happens to be my fav one. If you never ever heard of this amazing duo nor the song in question you probably would say that Patti Smith just shared an unreleased and unknown track which she recorded somewhere, some time in a dark smoky bar with David Bowie on saxophone. Yes, that good! Genuine tenderness! Relax, open that delicious bottle of red Bordeaux, dim the lights, light some candles and press the button, here’s some honest sentiment…

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Do Not Mess With DEAP VALLY! Here’s Freakish New Clip For ‘JULIAN’…

Clips that will impress your eyes and your ears…




Album: Femejism – their second and stellar 2016 powerhouse

Video: conceived and directed by the band’s very first manager Ericka Clevenger

Note: beware silly macho’s of the world, Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards will kick your ass…

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The album…

(photo on top: FB Deap Vally)


Spotted In Brussels And Amsterdam – The Hottest Band On The Planet… DEAP VALLY!


DEAP VALLY – Brussels 23 September and Amsterdam 26 September


WHAM BLOODY DAMN BAM! Right now DEAP VALLY is the hottest band on this troubled planet. On record AND on stage. Brand new, 2nd album FEMEJISM is, without a shadow of a doubt, a badass contender for powerhouse of the year. On their new fireball longplayer Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards rock in a far wider sonic territory like I already stuttered here in detail before. Richer in sound, in composition and in execution than raw blues punk fueled debut Sistrionix (2013). Wait, don’t get the wrong idea, their candid emotions are
as crushingly heavy and hard-hitting noisy as on their firstborn. Still proud to be very loud. But Femejism explores also other, more varied directions in grand style and with victorious result. A direct knockout actually. As we all know great bands excel because they move forward…

Goddess of hammer…

That’s what I told the Californian ladies – from the bottom of my heart – after their storming gig last week in Brussels, adding “Nick Zinner is a genius“. Wrong! My information on the splendid sonic production of Femejism wasn’t right, obviously. A couple of days later, in Amsterdam, I learned more – from a singing source close to the band – about the album’s production efforts. It wasn’t a zolo zinner job as suggested here and there in the music press. It went actually something like this: Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ musical maestro had a chair in the studio next to the girls’ throne to work some striking things out together, with Lindsey and Julie canning Julian and Gonnawanna, two of the many highlights, just by themselves. Who’s genial now, JL? Case closed. In short, Deap Vally shine on different levels. As blossoming songwriters, as sound explorers, as steamy live performers and
– the coolest thing – as remarkable human beings.

Raging borderline vox…

When Deap Vally hits the stage, you can sense their unstoppable desire to blow the roof of the place. Believe me, what you see is what you get. Heated passion, rowdy intensity and sweaty temptation. And what you hear is what you want to hear over and over again. Brick by brick. That’s why I went to Brussels and to Amsterdam to get my Royal Jelly treatment twice. And? They wake you up, they shake you up and they boost you up. Clenched blues rock dynamite incited by a quattro turbo engine! A Grand Prix race car going full speed after every slow turn. Brakes are for pussies, you know. They bash head-on, in your face, merciless, without looking back but always with a spark of love, burning love that is! They make everybody smile more…

Two nation army…

Like in Amsterdam when euphoric fans jumped on the podium during the second encore to dance and scream and to share high fives with the two nation army. Yes, drooling music junkies, this is what cracking live music is all about, this is what DEAP VALLY is all about!

Amsterdam going nuts…

Now let’s have more ass kicking noise. First of all, newest smoking single GONNAWANNA

I know, temperature is going up real fast, let’s explode now with FEMEJISM in full glory…

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Deap Vally will play their last European date next Tuesday, October 4th, in Paris (hmm… only a 4-hour drive…) and will start a series of concerts in their homeland with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Death From Above 1979 – holy cow, what a playbill – a week later. Dates here.

Thank you ladies…

All pics by JL/TurnUpTheVolume! – more  here

DEAP VALLY Are Back With Ass Kicking Rollercoaster ‘FEMEJISM’…


‘Femejism’ by DEAP VALLY – Released 16 September 2016


Bloody cool Californian duo DEAP VALLY is back, 3 years after introducing themselves
to the world with a big bang. Absolutely! Raw debut album Sistrionix was a devilish ear-opener. Brand new successor FEMEJISM keeps kicking ass lyrically & audibly, but this efficacious longplayer is overall richer in sound, in composition and in execution than
their firstborn. Dazzlingly orchestrated by Nick Zinner – musical maestro of the wonderful Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – best friends Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards operate in a far wider sonic territory than before to get red of their mean demons. And do they love the nasty fight!


From fully powered blues slam dunks (Smile More/Royal Jelly) to slow moving snakes (Heart Is An Animal/Teenage Queen) creeping under your skin without asking. From the glamorous thunder of Two Seat Bike spiced with gloriously frisky harmonies to the swirling psychedelia
of Post Funk and the amplified pop intensity of Turn It Off. And they do it only the way THEY want (Gonnawanna) with a loud and clear punk attitude. The record is an introspective, full-mouthed rollercoaster filled with intense, mixed emotions. With fear, love, hate and anger. Yes, feelings, because it’s about two human beings, because it’s about their fucking live. Imposing & tempting at the same time. Here are two impressive personalities – genuine, outspoken, charismatic and dangerously sexy – creating a real dirty fuzzed-out blues fury with different colors, various paces and gripping borderline sledgehammers. Troy‘s vocal rage and Edwards‘ vigorous drumming are lethal weapons. Unfeigned rebels with a knockout cause. Femejism is an honest body of heavy loaded work. HELL YEAH!…

And more great news. The ladies started an UK/Europe tour this week
& will hit Brussels this Friday, 3 years after their first visit to our capital
when I had the privilege to interview them. Great fun, great memory…


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Brussels 2013…


(pic on top: FB Deap vally)