TURN UP THE VOLUME’S Eleven Knockout Tracks For MARCH 2019…

Eleven knockout killer tracks from the past month…

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Eleven Knockout Tracks on repeat this past month!
A smoking mix of rolling rippers and mesmeric musings.
Here’s Turn Up The Volume‘s Knockout March Team!

1. ‘Tastes Good With The Money’ by FAT WHITE FAMILY (London, UK)
The Family tackles good old Britain with groovy and bloody pop stroke…

2. ‘White Male Carnivore’ by YAK (London, UK)
Blazing London trio with rad ripsnorter from new LP Pursuit Of Momentary Happiness

3. ‘Hazel’ by TANGIENTS (Los Angeles, CA, US)
A massive banging recreation of a 1983 Cocteau Twins track…

4. ‘Demeanour’ by CROWS (London, UK)
Crushing missile from these motherrockers’ stirring debut LP Silver Tongues

5. ‘November Man’ by FILTHY FRIENDS (US)
Glorious fuck you Trump uppercut from this supergroup’s new album Emerald Valley

6. ‘Young Evil’ by YES WE MYSTIC (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
Multi-layered and dazzling pop symphony from upcoming album Ten Seated Figures

7. ‘Woman’ by KAREN O and DANGER MOUSE (US)
Funky cracker from the duo’s first collaborative album Lux Prima

8. ‘Bullets’ by ZINNIA (Toronto, Canada)
A powerful piece of dramatic pop magnificence and spine-tingling splendor…

9. ‘I Quit’ by PORLOLO (Denver, US)
Loud and clear message. Rollin’ and rockin’…

10. ‘Calling Me’ by WILD MERCURY (Montreal, Canada°
Slow moving blues stroke cutting like a Swiss knife…

11. ‘The Queen Who Stole The Sky’ by SARAH MARY CHADWICK  (Melbourne)
An impressive organ and an impressive voice sending shivers down your spine…

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FILTHY FRIENDS Drop Another Crushing Cut From Upcoming Album – Here’s ‘NOVEMBER MAN’…

Brand new sonic impulses


Sharp striking supergroup FILTHY FRIENDS formed two years ago by R.E.M.‘s Peter Buck
and Sleater-Kinney‘s Corin Tucker will release the follow-up to their raw 2017 debut longplayer Invitation in May. After the energy outburst of their lead single Last Chance County last month the band drops another red-hot-blooded rocker. NOVEMBER MAN is clearly about that idiot in The White House. “Long skinny tie/ And hair of gold/ You made the deal/ Our future soldTucker sings while fearless guitars rage like a buzz saw around her ready to bring down any border wall. Catch the feverish flare-up right here…


Supergroup FILTHY FRIENDS Returns With New Ferocious Single ‘LAST CHANCE COUNTY’…

Brand new sonic impulses

Supergroup FILTHY FRIENDS formed two years ago by R.E.M.‘s PETER BUCK and Sleater-Kinney‘s CORIN TUCKER have announced the follow-up album to their 2017 debut full length Invitation. New LP EMERALD VALLEY will be launched on 3 May. Ahead of it
comes first single LAST CHANCE COUNTY. A frantic and razor-sharp rant against the boredom imposed by capitalism and the awful state the US is in after all these years. Listen to the riot grrrl inspired energy outburst right here…


Supergroup FILTHY FRIENDS With Rock And Roll Grinta Live On KEXP – Here’s Blazing Eruption … ‘THE ARRIVAL’

FILTHY FRIENDS is a fantabulous supergroup featuring Sleater-Kinney’s fervent vox Corin Tucker and R.E.M.’s Peter Buck as the most famous members. Last summer they released their blustery debut album ‘Invitation’ filled with fired-up punk rock energy. Here’s one of the rowdy ones ‘THE ARRIVAL’, performed for Radio KEXP in Seattle. Here we go, turn up the heat…

Here’s debut INVITATION in full…

FILTHY FRIENDS: Facebook – Label: Kill Rock Stars