BEIRUT – Here’s First Single ‘FISHER ISLAND SOUND’ From Upcoming Unreleased Material Collection

New striking strokes

23 October 2021

Who: The musical project/band of ZACK CONDON
Active: Since 2006 / 5 studio LPs so far

New album: ARTIFACTS
What: A double-album collection of
unreleased tracks, EPs, and B-sides

Release: 4 March 2022
Order info: here

Condon: “When the decision came to re-release this collection, I found
myself digging through hard drives looking for something extra to add
to the compilation. What started as a few extra unreleased tracks from
my formative recording years quickly grew into an entire extra records
worth of music from my past.”


“This song was written while staying in band member Ben Lanz’s old family
cottage on the coast of Connecticut, on the Fisher Island Sound. I played with
the lines for years before trying to record version of it… I, however, struggled
in those years to put vocals on the songs and ended up scrapping a lot of
the music from that era in this part of the collection due to fear, stress,
and self-doubt.”

Familiar sound, familiar voice, familiar magnetism…

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