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FONTAINES D.C. – 4AD Club, Diksmuide, Belgium – 19 April 2019

These Irish young gunslingers’ debut LP (see below) is contender for the best of 2019

One of the best new bands, live and on record. Here’s their stellar debut LP ‘DOGREL’

(All pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

Irish Garage Steamrollers FONTAINES D.C. Share Video For ‘SHA SHA SHA’ Track Of Their Stunning Debut LP…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

19 June 2019

(photo: Turn Up The volume!)

Irish up and coming underground misfits FONTAINES D.C. led by charismatic frontman Grian Chatten released their razzmatazz debut LP ‘Dogrel‘ last April, one of the most awe-inspiring longplayers of 2019 so far. A modern day post punk record about anxiety and apprehension. The band just shared a fresh clip for one of the rather quiet, yet disturbing meditations of the LP. Listen/watch SHA SHA SHA here…

FONTAINES D.C.: Facebook


Weekly series of five rolling ripsnorters to go completely bananas to this summer

Here we go again! Open windows and doors! Party time!…

1. ‘Hurricane Laughter’ by FONTAINES D.C.
(From this year’s debut LP Dogrel)

2. ‘Feel Good Hit Of The Summer’ by Queens Of The Stone Age
(From their 2nd LP ‘Rated R‘ – 2000)

3. ‘Concrete’ by SHAME
(From their 2018 debut album ‘Songs Of Praise ‘)

(From their 2nd album Take Them On, On Your Own – 2003)

5. ‘ Danny Nedelko’ by IDLES
(From their 2nd longplayer ‘Joy As An Act Of Resistance‘)

Do Believe The Hype! Last Night Dublin’s FONTAINES D.C. Played A Blistering Set In Belgium…

FONTAINES D.C. – 4AD Club, Diksmuide, Belgium – 19 April 2019

The much-lauded and hot-blooded young gang from Dublin, Ireland hit
Belgium to play a blistering gig. Here are 10 things you need to know…

1. Yesterday morning I read about these Irish rockers on music website NME: “You do need to see them ASAP” (full feature here.) As I am an obedient man I immediately went out and witnessed them in our historic World War I village of Diksmuide (but not for the first time, that was last year when they impressed Brussels).

2. This was a rescheduled gig. The band’s November 2018 concert here in this utterly cool 4AD club had to be canceled because singer Grian Chatten was sick. Despite their current, endless night-to-night tour they sacrificed a rare day off to return to Belgium last night and play. Respect!

3. The show started with a smashing rendition of my favorite Fontaines cracker ‘Hurricane Laughter’. Did you ever get that should I stay or should I go feeling after a band/artist began the set with your favorite track. I remember vaguely having had that experience before, but definitely not this time, not with this awesome squad.

4. Charismatic frontman Grian Chatten revealed in a recent interview that his parlando
way of singing was inspired by his uncles shouting at Christmas dinners and their drunk voices sounding commanding and authoritarian. That’s the way to get anybody’s attention. Cool family, Grian!

5. Another thing about Chatten. He’s actually the only member of the band who moves on stage. His non-stop manic steps from left to right and back compensates for his immobile teammates perfectly well. Makes me think suddenly of early Oasis gigs I saw. Nobody, not even Liam moved when performing. Anyway, Fontaines‘ live force strikes you like a sizzling missile, who cares if they move or not. Here’s an idea of their magnetic energy…

6. I bought this t-shirt. My wife said: “It looks like a piece of textile from the 50s.
My reply: “It’s reproduced authenticity from the past.” Yes, life is controlled by
perception… all the time.

7. Two members of the band took charge of selling the merch afterward. Can’t see that happen anymore in the near future as the group will play bigger venues along their way
to glorious fame.

8. D.C. = Dublin City

9. Striking set… list

10. Believe the hype. These young gunslingers rock like an unstoppable steamroller, on record and on stage, and their sociopolitical observations cut like a Swiss knife. Check it
all out on their brand new debut album, called DOGREL right here…

Picture this

The man in the middle

Fontaines fever

Irish firepower

From the top

Hail hail

(all concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

FONTAINES D.C. Release Another Cut From Debut LP – Here’s Melancholic Beauty ‘ROY’S TUNE’…

Brand new sonic impulses

7 March 2019

So far Irish steaming rockers FONTAINES D.C. made our stream of adrenalin go
apeshit with punkish dynamite on record and on stage. But here’s the first ‘slow’
one, actually a moving semi-ballad, a sad & touching story, a surprisingly tender humdinger called ROY’S TUNE. It’s the third track the band shared from their
long-awaited upcoming debut LP DROGEL. Listen/watch right here..

FONTAINES D.C.: Facebook –Twitter  

Debut album DROGEL out 12 April – all details here

Irish Engine FONTAINES D.C. Release Lead Single Of Debut LP – Here’s ‘BIG’…

Brand new sonic impulses

7 February 2019

Along with Idles and Shame Irish gang FONTAINES D.C. leads the revival of fervent punk rock annex acute social criticism. “It’s more confusing than it was before – there’s just a huge lack of trust in any form of media or narrative voice. No one really believes anything, and what we’re having to do is form some kind of truth for ourselves. I think that anger in modern guitar music is just confusion, in a way” says the band.

Following last year’s release of some blazing debut tracks their first longplayer, titled DOGREL will hit the streets on 12 April. Here’s ahead of it the lead single BIG. A short, speedy and agitated tirade tackling the pressure of ambition. In the accompanying clip
the protagonist is a young kid in the streets of Dublin. ““We felt that great ambition was a sickness, and we got singer Grian’s 11-year next-door neighbour to say it to you all because
he’s got the presence of a hundred frontmen”

Listen/watch here…

FONTAINES D.C.: Facebook –Twitter  

Debut album DROGEL out 12 April – all details here

TURN UP THE VOLUME’s 15 Knockout Live Performances Of 2018…

Turn Up The Volume saw about 150 acts playing live this past year. Here are the 15 Knockout Performances that made his body temperature going way up, made his adrenalin stream faster and had a lasting impact on his greedy ears & impressed eyes.

1. THE FLAMING LIPS – Melkweg, Amsterdam – 11 November – Review here

2. SLOWDIVE – Cactus Brugge Festival – 15 July – Review here


3. IDLES – De Zwerver, Leffinge, Belgium – 2 November – Review here

4. JOHNNY MARR – Trix Club, Antwerp – 7 December – Review here

5. FONTAINES D.C. – Botanique, Brussels – 4 May – Review here

6. NOEL GALLAGHER – Vorst National, Brussels – 6 April

7. THE GLÜCKS – Ghent Fest – 19 July – Review here

8. RUMOURS – Cosa Nostra, Aalst – 21 April – Review here

9. JUJU – Kinky Star, Ghent – 18 February – Review here

10. PEUK – De Kleine Kunst, Ghent – 8 September – Review here

11. AUTOBAHN – Kinky Star, Ghent – 11 February – Review here

12. FALLING MAN – Ghent Fest – 14 July – Interview here

13. PERE UBU – 4 AD, Diksmuide – 1 June – Review here

14. TUBELIGHT – Charlatan, Ghent – 23 March – Review here

15. PINK ROOM – Kinky Star, Ghent – 3 March – Review here

(all pictures by Turn Up The Volume!)

ALL STAR TRACKS TEAM – Turn Up The Volume’s 21 Knockout Tracks Of 2018…

Lots of hair-splitting havoc and flaming pop firework this year.
21 Knockouts, 21 standoouts, 21 big ones right here, right now…

1. ‘Liberty Belle’ by FONTAINES D.C. (Dublin, Ireland)
Up and coming Irish punk idols impress with catchy ramshackle punk force…

2. ‘Dust On Trial’ by SHAME (London, UK)
Razor-sharp rage from South London from their cutting debut album ‘Songs Of Praise’

3. ‘Danny Nedelko’ by IDLES
“Fear leads to panic, panic leads to pain / Pain leads to anger, anger leads to hate”

4. ‘Isolation’ by TUBELIGHT (Belgium)
Belgian garage rockers sneer and spit with poise…

5. ‘Lately’ by TERRA PINES (Queensland, Australia)
A tornado of multi-layered guitars rollin’ all over you…

6. ‘User Guide’ by IT IT ANITA (Belgium)
Primal screams getting way deep under your skin…

7. ‘How Did This Happen?’ by BODEGA (New York, NY, US)
Irresistible jingle jangle electricity from one of the most thrilling new acts around…

8. ‘Paradox’ by SEXTILE (Los Angeles, California, US)
Inflammatory firecracker thundering like electronica pioneers Suicide on speed…

9. ‘Odyssey’ by MIEN (UK/US/Canada)
Like minded spirits from different bands coming together for a psych-y trip…

10. ‘Shiny One’ by BELLY (Boston, US)
A glowing return in grand style with Tanya Donnelly‘s touching vox in the middle…

11. ‘The Bluebirds Are Singing’ by EERIE GLUE
Ongoing bluesy psych groove with a spellbinding impact on your soul…

12. ‘Turn The Knife’ by PALM GHOSTS (Nashville, US)
Mesmerizing make or break love song with glimmering guitars and vivid duet vocals…

13. ‘You Don’t Walk Away From Love’ by PEACE (UK)
Euphoric guitar pop at its very best…

14. ‘When We Left’ by SOMEDAYS (London, UK)
Glowing drive, tenacious pace, confident dynamic and instantly infectious. Strike!…

15. ‘Dark Stains’ by EXPLODED VIEW
Mysterious, magnetizing and masterful…

16. ‘Subsonic Dream’ by THE DARTS (Phoenix, CA, US)
Fuzzy garage banger hittin’ and kickin’ relentlessly…

17. ‘Faith & Science’ by MODERATE REBLS
The addictive power of repetition combined with a catchy boowie woogie piano…

18. ‘Under The Moon’ by REBECCA LOU (Denmark)
Vigorous, dynamic and highly brisk pop standout…

19. ‘Human Child’ by BELLY (Boston, US)
A gripping human pearl…

20. ‘Wayne’ by RICH GIRLS (New York, NY, US)
This is how authentic sensitivity resonates like…

21. ‘Knocking’ by BASEMENT REVOLVER (Hamilton, Canada)
Singer Chrisy Hurn‘s breathtaking voice will make you silent.