Remember This Ace Album? Second Album ‘I TO SKY’ By Impassioned Irish Trio JJ72

Great, yet unsuccessful albums from the past

15 October 2019

Artist: JJ72 
Album: I To Sky 
Released: 14 October 2012 / the band’s second and final LP
Note: All songs written by frontman Mark Greaney.
Sound; This Irish trio did what not many bands accomplished, making two towering lonplayers in a row and vanish in oblivion immediately afterward. The critics (and me) loved their burning intensity, youthful ardency and frontman
Greaney‘s high-quality songwriting skills. Influenced from Joy Division to Placebo this stupendous threesome couldn’t find and convince enough fans so that their
label wouldn’t have dumped them. What a terrible loss of an amazing band with
an amazing future!

ALL MUSIC wrote: “It would be wrong to view the album as an indication of a sophomore slump, because JJ72’s debut set the peg so high into the stratosphere. I to Sky is a rewarding
but difficult album that unleashes its charms over time. There’s no denying that atmosphere
has taken the lead over songwriting prowess, and one can’t help but think that JJ72 somehow got sidetracked on their journey to creating a second instant classic, but like the debut, the album leaves the listener clamoring for more of Greaney’s flights of fancy.”

Key tracks…


– 7TH WAVE –


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