Amazing Artwork! Cover Of GENESIS Album ‘FOXTROT’ Released 50 Years Ago

For your eyes only

Who: British prog-rock legends featuring Peter Gabriel and
Phil Collins. Gabriel left in 1975, Collins became the new singer.
Active: 1967–2000, 2006–2007, 2020–present / 15 studio LPs.

“The album’s cover was the last of three Genesis releases designed by
Paul Whitehead, following Trespass and Nursery Cryme. He was a former
art director for the London-based magazine Time Out and gained inspiration
from the lyrics to Supper’s Ready (the LP’s 23-minute closer) which included
references to the apocalypse. Whitehead wanted to present the Four Horsemen
of the Apocalypse
in an original way but it turned into something “a little more
” with two horse riders being a monkey and an alien. The cover for
Nursery Cryme
had depicted croquet which represented the English upper class
which Whitehead repeated on Foxtrot with the depiction of fox hunting.”

Artwork: Cover of their 4th LP Foxtrot, released
50 years ago this year (6th October 1972).

Full artwork (front and back)

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