Razzle-Dazzle Psychedelia – THE VACANT LOTS Drop Another New Track From Upcoming LP – RESCUE

Daily electricity to load your sonic batteries…


12 June 2020

(Photo: Luz Gallardo)

Sonic psych explorers THE VACANT LOTS are gearing up to release their new LP INTERZONE in two weeks. The duo already shared synth stomper Fracture.

And here’s another new mind-bending piece. RESCUE is about “finding the signal in
the noise and feeling the need to escape
.” It’s an electrical toe-tapping banger with a repetitive drive that makes your eager head rotate and drones in your mind on
repeat. Expect echoes of The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Krautrock misfits NEU!.
Damn right, razzle-dazzle psychedelia with a boosting impact on your bloodstream.

Here’s the accompanying, house-made isolation clip

First single ‘Fracture’



Psychedelic Groove Addicts Are Back – THE VACANT LOTS Dropped New Single ‘FRACTURE’…

Daily electricity to load your sonic batteries…


23 May 2020

(photo: Luz Gallardo)

It’s been three years since Brooklyn’s psych groove addicts THE VACANT LOTS
released their excellent album Endless Night. But they’re back. The duo – Jared
Artaud & Brian McFadyen
– has announced a new lonplayer called INTERZONE
to be out next June.

Ahead of it comes new steamy single FRACTURE. “I see in the lyrics a film that deals
with the initial feelings of love and attraction and the inevitable fall and deterioration of
those feelings,” says Artaud. “What once was liberating and free, is now trapped and imprisoned.”
says Artaud.

Fracture is a sickly sticky synth stomper pushed by a relentless intoxicating beat
activating your lazy lockdown limbs faster than you can say ‘Trump is a prick‘. When MacFadyen‘s dreamy vocals and snappy guitar fragments join in it’s time to get up, stand
up and claim your right to move in sensual ways around your living room. This striking Saturday night fever ripper shows, again, The Vacant Lots‘ efficacious expertise to mix
catchy pop melodies and repetitive psych grooves with a mesmerizing sonority and infectious dream baby dream vibe. Welcome back!


Pre-order facilities via Fuzz Club