UPCHUCK – Atlanta Turbo Go FREAKY On New Bursting Single From Upcoming LP

Daily noise that works faster than any stimulant

Photo By Cory Jones

Who: Outfit formed in 2018 through shared connections in Atlanta’s teeming skate scene, Upchuck’s musical aspirations have always been uncomplicated. They play for each other, and for anyone who is willing to move alongside them—there are no trappings of genre worship or social politicking in their sound, only an open spirit of friendly connection.

New single: FREAKY
First single from their 2nd LP, named Bite The Hand That Feeds,
arriving on October 13.: Pre-order here.

Album artwork

Freaky‘ puts frontwoman Kaila Thompson’s (KT) self-described alter-ego on full display, riffing upon her hunger to let loose and lean into the open-ended freedom of the long, chaotic night. It’s a cry that places joy front and center, carving out a space to live loudly
in the face of daily struggles. Upchuck’s signature blend of high-impact style is put on full, muscular display as the track jolts with weaving jungle-rhythms that evoke the finer side
of oddball-punk forebears.”

TUTV: 15 seconds in and I’m already in the middle of an imaginary moshpit. Freaky is a rapid barbed wire bolide propelled by guitars sounding like a bulldozer, a vigorous beat, and vocalist Thompson‘s punk-rap rant. No brakes, no breaks, always fast-forward with
all burners on. Le freak, c’est. Yes!



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