Affecting Singer-Songwriter FREDDIE DICKSON Shares Two Intimate Pearls From His Upcoming LP…

Relaxing reveries for the laziest day of the week

Turn Up The Volume has a soft spot for London-based singer/songwriter FREDDIE DICKSON who showed his high-quality talent for writing endearing songs for heart
and soul several times before. A few weeks ago he shared two most gripping musings from his upcoming album called BLOOD STREET. Two sensitive love songs with Dickson getting winsome vocal assistance of two great female voices respectively Oh Sister and Amber Lane-McIvor. Discover the two emphatic and vulnerable pearls right here…

SLIP OF THE HEART featuring Oh Sister

WHEN I NEEDED HER THE MOST featuring Amber Lane-McIvor


Here’s FREDDIE DICKSON Mesmeric Interpretation Of NICK CAVE’s Pearl ‘THE SHIP SONG’…

9 July 2019

Covering a Nick Cave song is a bold venture as such. Doing it as beatific as London’s singer-songwriter FREDDIE DICKSON does is a spine-chilling triumph. Assisted by a divine female voice Dickson throws all his vocal passion and sonant devotion into his wondrous interpretation of this astonishing Cave classic. Capture the mesmeric magic right here…


FREDDIE DICKSON – Highly Promising Singer/Songwriter Shares Mystifying Video For Single ‘FUEL’…

Clips that will impress your ears and your eyes…


Highly promising London based singer/songwriter FREDDIE DICKSON launched first single
FUEL from his upcoming debut album a few weeks ago. A magnificent, moody and tempo-changing ballad dealing with a time when he felt completely lost in the big music industry machine after signing to Columbia Records in 2014 and releasing his first EPs. His striking voice intensifies his confused emotions sincerely and reminds me of Ryan Adams‘ and Conor Oberst‘s heart and soul driven intensity. When pain turns into sonic beauty…

And now Dickson just shared a quite mysterious Twin Peaks like clip for the single. The video’s story is also a nod to the 2015 The Danish Girl movie, but shot in the style of
a dark film noir. Dickson plays two characters, himself and his alternative and troubled transgender persona. As he explains: “The aim of this video was to be quite honest and
self-reflective. It’s about the sub-conscious loss of who you are, about how people can change without realising. When I stepped away from the music industry for a while I realised how blind
I had been and how caught up I had become during the whole experience. The two characters
in the video portray the then and the now.”
Experience the introspective tension here…

Freddie Dickson will launch his debut album Panic Town on 7 April via Shakey Records.

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