VICTORIA+JEAN Insult Freely On Their New Recalcitrant Fuck You Ripper…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

19 February 2019


Who: A ‘unique, romantic, chic and strong‘ Swedish/Belgian duo

Track: FREE INSULT – first single from second album ‘Underdog‘, out in the Spring.
Victoria says the song ” is a reaction towards all these free hug movements. We’re living
in a time of silent dictatorship. A time of ‘oh you cannot say nor do that’, and in some cases,
you can be totally censored
. It just feels like we no longer have the right to really criticize
nor get angry or scream. And writing down something with some offensive words or content is going to be censored, banished and taken away. I’m not asking you to do
free hugs nor to insult someone but to assume who you are and what you think.”

Score: This candid tandem comes straight at you, in your face, assisted by tribal drums and squeaky guitars while Victoria is ranting furiously and basically telling all dickheads and pricks to fuck off in a vicious and toxic way that makes me think of messy trash rock
duo Royal Trux. Time to ventilate your anger. Here comes the loud and clear tirade…

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