Clenched And Flaming – Power Pop Team FREEDA With New Single ‘LET ME DOWN’…

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9 May 2020

FREEDA is a six-piece indie rock band from Manchester. They hit the scene in 2017,
they spent their formative years establishing themselves in their hometown, building
a committed following and selling out headline shows along the way.

They just dropped brand new single LET ME DOWN, an ardent piece ‘that touches
on the feeling of disappointment after expectations of a relationship don’t live up to how
you envisioned them.

Let Me Down is a sickly sticky power pop stroke that swirls and thrills from start to finish. An adrenalin injected juggernaut ventilating hurt feelings. An emotional roller coaster rushing from meditative verses to a knockout chorus and back. The hot-tempered drive, strapping beat, twinkling guitar lines, spicy synths, and impassionate vocals turn this titanic tune into a fervid flare-up fueled by a blustery orchestration. Vibratory and
vivid. Clenched and flaming. Don’t let Freeda down, they’re too good to ignore.

Let’s roll…

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