PICK OF THE DAY – You’ll Want Toronto Tandem FREEDOM BABY To Stay After Hearing ‘WHEN WE GO’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…


Base: Toronto, Canada

Who: “Over the course of 2017 Freedom Baby, initially a Toronto-based bedroom project between Eric Reid and Brianna Bordihn, has progressed and evolved, experiencing considerable growth and making the jump from part-time passion project to committed, full-time band.”

Track: WHEN WE GO – first track from upcoming debut EP titled ‘How You’ll Grow‘.
The tandem says about the song: “It’s an ode to death and dying, both an acceptance
of the loss of loved ones and a hopeful questioning of the ideas of rebirth and existence
beyond a physical death but from the perspective of a child.”

Score: Here’s a truly spectacular symphony with four different stages. It starts with
a smooth and melancholic Beirut like trumpets intro before Brianna‘s alluring voice
comes on, quickly joined by Eric‘s vox for a charming harmony. Suddenly the pace
goes up and you’re completely surprised by an electrical flare-up. Wow! ! Thereafter
the trumpets return, now injected with some fiesta ecstasy before this pearl ends
in silence. A really magnificent performance with dazzling orchestrations, striking arrangements and vivid voices. If this is an ode to death, I wonder what Freedom
would sound like if they wrote an ode to life. Discover the delightfulness here…

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