HIGH FIVE – 5 New Big Ones For The Weekend

5 new big ones to stay on track in the weekend

Weekend 4-6 November 2022

(Press photo via C & The R)

Scottish post-hardcore punk and tattoo artist FRANK CARTER
and his RATTLESNAKES had their 4th longplayer Sticky out last

Two weeks ago they nailed it big time with a brand-new nasty
haymaker called The Drugs featuring Carter‘s buddy Jamie T.

And here’s another new fireball named PARASITE.

Carter: “‘Parasite’ was conceived on a particularly brutal trip to the seaside
where both Dean and I were in a difficult time in our lives and feeling low

Scream it out, guys…


Who: Maximalist rockers
from Dublin, Ireland


“It’s a vignette of self sabotage, an anthem of small failure. It’s about a doomed relationship that carries on regardless — a narrator banging on the glass trying
to warn the song’s inhabitants. Each melody and hook competes for space over
an ever expanding wall of guitars, bass and their signature double drums. In just
over three minutes, “Summer Assault” sees THUMPER boil their trademark noise
wall into an earworm of a pop song.”

Expect a concrete wall-of-schizophrenic-guitar sound, enough twists and turns
to make your head spin uncontrollably and a gigantic chorus spiced with flustered

Yes, a stunning stonker.

Also streaming on other platforms here

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New Jersey’s Veteran indie rockers YO LA TENGO (already in action since 1984)
have a new album in the pipeline, their 16th. It’s named Stupid World p, planned
to land in February 2023.

First taster FALLOUT is pure YLT. Jangly guitars rotating on and on and Ira Kaplan
signing his story all over the hurried flow. Another familiar psych jam from masters
of the genre.

Let’s roll

YO LA TENGO: Facebook – Instagram

Pithy rock girl meets pithy rock boy for a pithy pop-to-rock cry-out called I’M A MESS.

It goes like this…

YUNGBLUD: Facebook



Who: Manchester-based troubadour Christopher Eatough who returned in 2017, having spent several years away from the music scene, emerged from his struggle with mental health with a raft of new material and a renewed sense of romantic fatalism. Determined to find a like-minded, ragtag collective of musicians to help bring the songs to life, Eatough brought friends and musicians from across the Northwest together. So far the collective canned/released 2 albums: Old Songs For The New Celibacy (2017) and Book Of Want (2021).


“The track bursts with Tragicomics’ swaggering, earthy take on folk-rock. Their diverse influences – ranging from pop, folk and rock to tin pan alley, prog and Americana – shine brightly as off-kilter rock guitar is combined effortlessly with Eatough’s charismatic vocals,
the soaring soundscapes of violin, gritty bass lines and relentless drum beat.”

Put on your blue suede punk-rock shoes, you’ll need them to dance, jump,
pogo, and pirouette when this super-duper corker hits your ears. Romantic
or not it’s going apeshit time for everyone who wants to let steam off for
4 minutes.

the firecracker here…

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