FREEZ – Italian Indies Tackle Fancy Fashion To Impress On Their New Electrifying And Catchy Single ‘CHANEL’

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28 September 2023

Who: 4 indies from Italy. They released their debut EP Routine
back in 2018, and the following year the dropped their debut
album Always Friends.

New single: CHANEL
Piece from their upcoming, sophomore full length, named
Icebreaker, out on 27 October via Wild Honey Records.

TUTV: Catchy as hell from the get-go with sparkling guitars rotating throughout
this jangly earworm. Lyrically, “it explores the idea of wearing expensive clothes to
impress the person you are interested in, even though you are just a skint student with
no money. The song highlights the childish and superficial nature of this thought.”

Steal your father’s oldest out-of-fashion clothes, dress cool,
not fancy and play Chanel to the person you have an eye on
and see what happens.

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