Scottish Art Pop Act THE VEGAN LEATHER Goes Anxious On New Booming Single ‘FRENCH EXIT’…

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22 May 2019


Who: “A Scottish Pop four-piece creating complex pop music for your soul, mind, hips and feet. Over the past three years the band have established themselves as one of the leading lights of Scotland’s music scene – not just for their dancefloor-ready pop smarts, but a succession of live performances showcasing just how effortlessly they can pull it

Track: ‘FRENCH EXIT’ – brand new single “heralding the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the group, the song is a bold return which explores their enthralling fusion of Parisian art-pop and dance-rock in typically thrilling and eccentric fashion.”

Score: Here’s a booming belter with a bombarding beat that will impact the flow of your bloodstream instantly. And as its feverish tenseness gets edgy and more high-strung along its battering path you’ll lose control of your body language. ‘French Exit‘ is about social anxiety and you can really feel the desperate scariness in every beat and in every vocal duel of the band’s singers Gianluca Bernacchi and Marie Collins intensifying the overall paranoid feel of this astonishing uppercut. Absorb the neurotic tension right here…

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FRENCH EXIT – single out 24th May via Midnight Pink / Believe Digital