Waking Up… Waiting For FRIDAY NIGHT With BETH ORTON

Works faster than caffeine

19 August 2022

Wonderful British songstress BETH ORTON releases
her 7th LP, baptized Weather Alive on 23 September.

This new shared piece off the album, called FRIDAY TONIGHT is an angelic beauty.

Orthon: “Friday Night” is someone reflecting on and trying to decide what to give up
or what to surrender to. Passion or ambivalence? Whether to “bleed or rust in the rain.”
Most of us are struggling to make sense of where to put the love we have for those that
are lost to us, let alone the ones that remain. Sometimes there is no right answer except
to find the wisdom in the spaces between the endings and beginnings, in the remembrance of things past or in search of lost time, there are always repercussions to the choices we make.”

Looking out for tonight…

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