Emotive Troubadour BRICK BRISCOE Has A Long Story To Tell – Here’s His New Album ‘FROM LUCKY POINT TO PÈRE LACHAISE’…

9 August 2019

BRICK BRISCOE is a Petersburg, Indiana-based radio and television personality and a compelling singer/songwriter. His new album, entitled ‘FROM LUCKY POINT TO PÈRE LACHAISE’ is inspired and recorded after a life-changing battle with cancer and the life-affirming travels suggested by LP’s title. It makes me think of Ray Davies‘ two Americana albums because of the heart and soul touching stories and the varied reflections on humanity. Like Davies, Briscoe is a gripping storyteller too. An observative troubadour wrapping personal experiences into sensitive songs with a heartfelt touch.

Here’s the author himself about his new, probably most personal, longplayer…

“It feels good to finally have this album out there. It took more than a year to finish things up and that’s a long time for me. I normally pace around for a couple of weeks, call folks in and then vomit it all out in about a week. This time I was more considerate of the overall landscape. It took me back to a time before I became ill where I thought I had all the time in the world. The urgency now is to share the ideas and keep the conversation going.

The response, thus far, has been very rewarding. I was worried that the fans I’ve made over the last two records were going to wonder where I had gone. This record is more considerate of arrangement and melody and, in a lot of ways, I think I’ve found my voice again because I took such a considered approach. I’m happy to find out from the live shows we’ve done that I can tackle the material in any way I want, from original intent to quiet solo versions to turning them into straight up rock n’ roll. I’m lucky that I play with a live band who can be flexible enough to interact with an audience and figure out how to feed the dragon. Deep down I realize that I’m really a live artist at my best and getting to play in front of people is the true reward.

I live in a very rural atmosphere. Petersburg, Indiana has around 2500 inhabitants. The cost of living allows me to go out on a limb and make records and then travel to do live shows and make tv/film projects. I’ve lived in NYC, Los Angeles and Seattle and I never could feel the creative freedom living in those cities as I do in my hometown. It was always too financially daunting to pull it off in the big cities. But maybe I’m just a small town boy who really likes to immerse himself in the big towns and then come home and synthesize the two. That just dawned on me actually. Because, growing up, I always wanted to be somewhere else. I still do. I’m probably going to ask to sleep in your spare room sometime.”

Dim the lights, sit down, relax and lose yourself in this journey.
Here’s the album in its uninterrupted, continuous entity…

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