VAGINAS, WHAT ELSE? Launch Their First Clip! Expect Sex, Drugs & Disco Punk Rock!

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

2 January 2020

VAGINAS, What Else? is a dynamite Belgian feminist post-pop-punk-punch trio of wayward loudmouths with a lot to say, to scream and to yell about. Last September
they released their rip-roaring debut album. And now they decided to start the new
year with a big bang. Ladies and gents, here comes the flamboyant ladies’ first video
clip for several bits and pieces of their debut LP, remixed into one dazzling stomper
by the first toilet DJ of Belgium, called René Opsedee. Yes, the man definitely knows his shitty job tremendously well! He turned the original punky funky build up/break down sound of the band into a smashing sensual disco banger with an erotic touch that gets steamier along its vibrant and clamorous way. A solid gold knockout to fill dancefloors
with around the planet.

With all this information I bet you’re drooling now to see the striking video clip. Yes, as announced above, it’s about sex, drugs and with disco rock fitness babes. I’m not really sure what the swirling video story is actually about but I can say you this: it’s flashy, it’s glamour and glitter, it’s witty, it’s kinky, it’s excitatory and it’s kooky with innocent looking schoolgirls, fluorescent pinup girls working out in small alleys, a shifty coke dude and lots of other eye-catching and wacko excitement. Get up, stand up and shake your booty to the first BIG KILLER TRACK of 2020, with the first deranged song title – no clue what it means – of the new year: Popsycle Opsedee’s Arabian Cumbia Toilet Rape Remix.

Party time! Snort a line, press play and go bonkers…

Video credits: directed by VWE Director of Photography and edited by Toon Persyn Steadicam Operator: Sander Blok 1st AC: Lino Kafidas 2nd AC: Pauwel Billiau SFX: Cas Van Nieuwenhuyse. Igor Gaasbeek for the schoolgirl shots

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