Post-Punk Misfits FUGAZI Released Their 6th Album ‘THE ARGUMENT’ 20 Years Ago Today

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16 October 2021

Band: FUGAZI (Washington D.C.)
Active: 1986–2003 / 6 studio albums

Anniversary album: THE ARGUMENT
Their sixth and probably final longplayer. The band’s members still
make music, together now and then. Joe Lally and Brendan Canty play
together with instrumental act the Messthetics.

Released: 16 October 2001 – 20 years ago today

Stereogum says: “The Argument is a major work, a remarkable piece of music.
Very few bands could make something that powerful more than a decade after
their debut. Only one band could make an album like that while occupying a
cultural-figurehead position that must’ve made everyone in the band profoundly uncomfortable.”
Full review here.

Turn Up The Volume: Some critics hated them by the time this LP came out, they
labeled the band as sell-outs and elitists. But most of the critics adored them and
praised them for their integrity and class. The Argument is iron cast heavy guitar
loaded post-punk. Both rowdy and reflective, both dynamic and at times melodic,
and always tackling social issues. For my greedy ears, there’s no argument
whatsoever to dismiss this remarkable Fugazi record.

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FUGAZI – Second Longplayer ‘STEADY DIET’ Released 30 Years Ago

8 July 2021

Who: Influential post-punk-hardcore
crusaders from Washington

Joe Lally – bass
Ian MacKaye – guitar, vocals
Guy Picciotto – guitar, vocals
Brendan Canty – drums

Active: 1986–2003 / 6 studio albums

Released: 8 July 1991 – 30 years ago

wrote: “Fugazi made some changes, employing more herk-a-jerk
rhythms and dub influences, and changing up the lyrical focus… With Steady
Diet, Fugazi get more economical and less forceful. Though not nearly as neck-
gnawing as Repeater, Steady Diet still packs a sizable wallop, but with slower
tempos and less deliberate instrumentation. As always, a poison-tipped dart
is pointed at the government, media, and major entertainment outlets.

Full review here. Score: 4/5.

Full album…

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