British Psych Rockers TOY About To Release Album Of Covers Called ‘SONGS OF CONSUMPTION’…

Brand new sonic impulses

6 November 2019

Last January Brighton‘s psych-rockers released their fourth, highly praised album Happy
In The Hollow
and the band will return soon – on 15 November – with an LP of covers, titled ‘SONGS OF CONSUMPTION‘. It’s an 8-song collection of unique interpretations of tracks which have inspired the band, then and now. All details on Bandcamp.

The band says about the new record: “‘Songs of Consumption’ sonically is a continuation and development of the themes conceived on ‘Happy In The Hollow’ and it will show people where we are going towards musically. The DIY approach was explored further utilising more of the electronic elements that we touched upon before. Drum machines, stripped down arrangements and rudimentary production give a primitive sound that we thought suited the choice of songs. Some of the songs have very big sounding production, so we wanted to experiment with them by going in a different direction.”

So far the group shared two tracks of the upcoming record…

(The opener of The Stooges 1970 album ‘Funhouse’)

(A 1981 Soft Cell song)


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