Indie Passion At Its Poignant Best – Discover ‘FURTHER AWAY’ By Punchy Portland Trio CRY BABE

12 August 2020

Who: Captivating indie trio
from Portland, Oregon

Released: 3 July 2020
Info: Anaïs – Vocals, Omnichord, Guitar / Madeline – Bass, Vocals / Rose – Percussion
Recorded by Nicholas Wilbur at Unknown Studios in Anacortes, WA / Mastered by
Hobbess / All songs by Cry Babe / Cover photograph by Alexandria McArthur

Key phrase: ‘The songs become the show, which is how it should be.”Kristin Hersh

Keywords: Angel Olsen / Mixed emotions glow / St. Vincent / Indie at its poignant
best / Throwing Muses / From whispers to screams / From heavy-hearted musings
to pithy punches / Awe-inspiring vocals / Burning gusto, cutting fervidness / Overall
a truly remarkable record with a vivid heart and yearning soul

Key tracks: All

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