Post Disco Punk – French Trio SERVO Produces Apocalyptic Wall-Of-Sound On New Album ‘ALIEN’…

19 May 2020

Four years after excellent debut The Lair Of Gods French post-punk three-piece SERVO
is back with smashing second album ALIEN. Their record label Fuzz Club describes the band’s sound as “an unstable home between heavy, droning psych-rock and gothic post-punk; forlorn, jangling guitars and deep, austere vocals breaking down into piercing blasts of feedback and distortion.”

Despite the fact that SERVO is a noise bolide with only three members at the wheel
they sound like a full raging army producing an Apocalyptic wall-of-frazzling-sound with
a blaring impact. From the blistering start, you enter their ghostly post-punk universe of voodoo-like sorcery you can dance to in maniacal ways. Gather all you Goth addicts and darkwave misfits of this world and invite your demons for a doom and gloom party with disco bangers I, , Pyre and Room 3 coming on strong through gigantic speakers, while science-fiction classic The Terminator plays on a giant screen.

When Servo slows down with Soon in the middle of their crash and trash crusade it’s only to reload the engine to open the gates of hell on knockdown kamikaze kaboom II. No rest for the wicked. Trust me, something is rotten in the state of France. File next to your LP’s of Front 242, Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails and Die Krupps.

Stream/buy Alien here…

Video clip for back-breaking highlight Yajña

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