English Mean Noise Machine FUZZ LIGHTYEAR Share Doomsday Single/Video ‘DENSE WORSHIP’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

25 November 2022

Who: 4 robust-noise indies originating in the bedrooms and
dingy Hyde Park basements that have spawned many of Leeds’
greatest bands over the years,


This self-produced single see’s vocalist Ben Parry unleash a roar of captivating anguish, questioning mental health and wading through the complexities of trauma – each thought passionately conveyed with trademark yelling vocal expression. The quartet continue to transcend away from their natural grunge state, further exploring the sounds they’re capable of conjuring together.

The video, animated and directed by Dan Woodward “tows the line between disturbing, and captivating” says singer Ben Parry. Influenced by Scalping‘s use of on-stage CGI visuals, the quartet were inspired and working with Dan allowed them to truly capture their vision.

TUTV: Expect a freakish razor blade explosion. A creepy trash and slash whirlwind.
A red-hot-blooded fireball in sound and vision. A bursting brainbreaker. A howling
haymaker to start and end all parties with on Doomsday. Hell bloody hell yeah!

Get out of your straightjacket
and listen/watch here and now.

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