How Was 2022 For Brussels’ Boosting Electronic Pop Duo ULTRA SUNN?

5 December 2022

Brussels-based electronic duo – Gaelle and SamULTRA SUNN perfectly know how to
seduce your ears and activate all of your limbs with banging darkwave blasts. Instantly infectious melodies fired up with boosting beats, shadowy synths, and gloomy

They combine D.A.F.‘s chilling disco vibes, Sisters Of Mercy‘s harrowing hallucinations
and Depeche Mode‘s pop-noir thrills seamlessly. Steamy stuff for 24-hour party people.

Enough reasons to invite Sam and Gaelle for a chat about the past year and more.

But as usual, Turn Up The Volume starts an interview with a piece of music. Let’s
get in the Ultra Sunn mood with their newest single called CAN YOU BELIEVE IT.

How/when started ULTRA SUNN its musical journey?

“We started our project in late 2019. Our desire was to create something together and to embody a strong and positive energy. We were so excited in this way of conceiving sounds with machines. It allowed us to express ourselves fully and to think sounds as tailoring in our creative process. So we released our first track ‘Night Is Mine’ which quickly became some kind of a hit with DJs and clubs. We quickly followed with our first concerts and then our first EP.”

Which song would you pick to introduce ULTRA SUNN
to people who never heard of you?

“I think Night Is Mine is the best track to discover our band. Everything is on this track.
We put a lot of ourselves in it. The message is powerful and combative but in a positive way. It’s a hymn to dance and sing all together to unite our forces with the crowd and share a strong moment all together.”

This summer you released two new tracks. THE SPEED is my favorite.
One of the best tracks I heard all year. How did the writing/recording
came about?

“Well thank you so much! It’s a special track for us since we started to lightly evolve our sound compared to what we did before. We came back to our Belgian electronic music roots, that’s what we grew up with and it’s a huge source of inspiration for us but we keep modernity in mind and we wanted to talk about the desires and realities of our generation.

With your 2 EPs and stand-alone singles you released so far,
there’s enough material for a full album. Any plans to do that?

“Our next release will be our 3rd EP. It’s a format that suits us well
and allows us to bring the songs to life as an ecosystem that works.

Our next EP ‘Kill Your Idols’ is designed to bring something new to our
sound and our lyrics. Releasing an album is another process. The mindset
and the timing is different. When we’ll release an LP, it will all be unreleased
songs, that’s for sure!

This year you released remixes of some of the previous singles. They’re
even more club orientated than the originals. What is it that drives you
to record remixes?

“Our music is written as anthems that can carry you and that you can sing but it’s mostly music to dance all night long. Club remixes allow you to push the experience even further. We had the pleasure to work with Sarin and Kontravoid on remixes and we are preparing a really cool one for the next EP!”

You played a lot of gigs this year. Not only in Belgium but also in France,
Italy, Portugal, Germany and The Netherlands. How did you experience
those shows abroad?

“It is a great pleasure for us to travel everywhere and to meet such a big
audience all the time. We feel lucky and grateful, we are making all of
this together with the crowd and this is priceless.”

Which big-name artist(s)/band(s) would
you love to tour with and why?

“We have already had the chance to play with many great names in the
scene like Nitzer Ebb, A Split Second, Absolute Body Control to mention
a few.

In the next weeks we’ll play a couple of gigs with Front 242. It’s great
to feel included and at the right place each time. Let’s see what’s next!”

Front 242 (photo by Turn Up The Volume)

Darkwave music seems to be around for ages. It’s imperishable.
why is it that the genre still appeals to so many people?

“Darkwave is a very broad term in which you can find many different variations and
genres. We must say that it is one of the most open-minded scenes
in terms of musical tastes.

The scene is doing very well because it recognises the classics while having a thirst for novelty. Everyone is welcome, there is such diversity and possibilities. All these things make the scene go well and it has a bright future. ”

The best track and album you heard this year?

“A few weeks ago, we went to see Sydney Valette in Paris and we totally
loved his song called ‘Crystal Heart’. We also loved ‘Miriam’ from Curses,
it’s a gem. Also the remix of ‘Lock Jaw’ from Patriarchy by Kris Baha blowed
our minds.”

If you would cover a Xmas carol, which one would it be?

“That’s a funny one!

“Xmas songs are only ok for a very short period of the year, the rest of the
time we just hate it. It is a very special relationship to music, quite unique.
So we hesitate with something from Franck Sinatra or Maria Carrey but we
think that ‘Last Christmas‘ by Wham! remains a must.”

Which song (s) will you play on New Year’s Eve and why?

“Definitely ‘Break My Soul’ by Beyonce, on repeat.
Do we really have to explain why? (TUTV: no).”

Name three things you really want to happen in 2023 for ULTRA SUNN?

“Let’s say a cool release of our 3rd EP ‘Kill Your Idols’ on Fleisch, nice
music videos to share with you all, and concerts all over the world.”

Thank you, Gaelle and Sam for this interview.
May the road rise with Ultra Sunn in 2023.

You can buy new single
Can You Believe It here.

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