Shake Your Booty To New Single ‘HEARTBREAKER’ By Funk Act GALAXIANS

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Band: Galaxians (Leeds, UK)

Who: Swirling trio from Leeds fronted by imposing frontwoman Emma Mason producing “A polished yet primitive high-energy pop potion, fueled by “too much coffee and too many donuts” ) bring a human touch to electronic music with live drums, earth-shaking vocals and gold-plated grooves, recalling the likes of Roisin Murphy, Hercules & Love Affair, Lynda Dawn and Sink Ya Teeth.”

Track: Heartbreaker – new single from their second album ‘Chemical Reaction

Score: If you mix Maddona’s Vogue sexiness, Donna Summer‘s hot stuff ecstasy and
the tantalizing vivacity of Dan Hartman‘s smash hit Relight My Fire into one catchy, swing yourself giddy, cracker you have a flamboyant and triumphant groover to fill dance floors with, in a flash. Add Mason‘s arresting vox and you have no excuse whatsoever to not to clear your living room, hang your disco ball to the ceiling and start swaying your hips in a way you feel free instead of locked down. These funky beats will boost your mood on the spot.

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New album CHEMICAL REACTION out 26th June