Detroit’s Deathgaze Duo VAZUM Shows Us The Way On New Single ‘GALLOWS’

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10 January 2022

Band: VAZUM (Detroit, Michigan)

Who: Zach Pliska and Emily Sturm. The project started in 2017.
They describe their sound as deathgaze, combining the raw energy
of deathrock with the depth of shoegaze. So far the duo released
four albums and a handful of singles and EPs.

New single:: GALLOWS

Gallows progresses like a death march, on its way to the graveyard,
with a somber and macabre reverberation. Its repetitive and raucous
slo-mo dynamics evoke images of confusion, agitation and transitoriness.

Cure-esque guitars, the bass’s threatening vigor and Sturm‘s wailing
voice augment the overall impression of dark times ahead in 2022.

The pandemic future doesn’t look rosy, as we know it, but “there
is a place darker and sweeter / than anything you’ve ever known”

Vazum will guide us to that place, the forest…..

If you want to move your body in mysterious ways
check Gallows’ Lost Forest mix right here…

VAZUM: Facebook