GALLUS – Rowdy Scottish Gunslingers Kicked Ass In Ghent Belgium

11 April 2023

Who: Rowdy post-punk 5-piece from Glasgow, Scotland
This hit team formed in early 2017, and released, so far,
a series of smash singles.

Where: Trefpunt Club Ghent, Belgium
When: 9 April 2023

TUTV: These young Scottish post-punk gunslingers kicked ass from
the very start to the bloody finish. No breaks, no brakes, no mistakes.
Frontman John has a similar stage presence as Fat White Family‘s madman
Lias Sauodi, meaning that he screams his lungs, heart, and soul out, and
he spits and sneers as sharply as Mark E. Smith.

An idea of their live pizzaz

With two guitarists, one bassist and one drummer they developed a huge
wall-of-barbed-wire bluster that does your head in. Their sucker-punch energy
filled the small hot club for 40 minutes. Totally awesome.

“I’ve got my eyes on you”

And the best news of the night was that the Glasgow
gang will have their debut album out in June. Can’t wait.

Meanwhile, their new fucktastic uppercut EYE TO EYE will keep me happy.

Also st(r)eaming on Spotify.

GALLUS: Facebook – Instagram – Spotify


Photos by Turn Up The Volume