Back To The Jukebox 60s With THE CLEAR And Their New Single ‘GASLIGHTING’

15 May 2021

Who: Songwriting trio from Sheffield writing classic
West Coast and cinematic widescreen dream pop.

Info: “The term Gaslighting comes from the 1944 film Noir called Gaslight
all about a man who manipulates his wife until she questions her own sanity.
Of course, like the film our song has a positive outcome, where the girl realises
she’s been ‘played’ and is liberated from her situation! With Phycological abuse
on the rise during lockdown not to mention the recent campaigns about all types
of violence to women we thought it was a good and timely reason to release the
song now to help raise awareness of mental health struggles and issues.”

Turn Up The Volume: Thanks to my parents’ record collection I
got to know golden female voices from the 60s like Brenda Lee, Nancy
Sinatra and Dusty Springfield
. Voices causing goosebumps at times and
always fitting companions for the twilight hours. Jukeboxes were invented
for playing their heartbreaking ballads in late-night bars to comfort the
lonely hearts. Close your eyes, pretend that you’re in a shadowy cafĂ© in
front of a Wurlitzer. Press C4 and ‘Gaslighting’ will come on.

“I can see you’re Gaslighting, It’s coming down like rays
Suddenly I can see you
Holy war and love wouldn’t have torn us apart
But suddenly I can see you
Baby you’ve been Gaslighting”

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(photo via FB The Clear)