In The Sonic Footsteps Of Instrumental Post-Punk Crusaders – Canadian Act GASPARD Released 2nd Album ‘VERTIGES

11 March 2021

Who: An instrumental rock band with a progressive
and psychedelic flavor passionate about exploring unique
musical landscapes.

Album: VERTIGES – 2nd LP
Released: 29 January 2021 via A La Dérive Records

Info: “On this second album, Gaspard explores the mythical city of Heliopolis.
There, he finds the contrast between innocence and wisdom, between comforting
darkness and dazzling light, between inertia and revolution. It is a world where
everything crumbles down and is built again, where stone floats in the air and
where beginning and ending are united.”

Turn Up The Volume: If you are a fan of Scottish sound-crusaders Mogwai and the Canadian, experimental collective Godspeed You! Black Emperor this sonic odyssey
will impress you too. Gaspard also delves into the mysterious world of instrumental hallucinations. Amplified symphonies for bone-chilling thriller movies like Blair Witch where the dark side of the human psyche comes alive. Amplified symphonies that
trigger science-fiction-like images in your baffled head. An adventurous enterprise
you should definitely experience.

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