ANIKA Covers PSYCHIC TV (Genesis P-Orridge)

29 April 2022

Last year German singer-songwriter ANIKA scored with her first album
in 11 years. CHANGE was one of the most fascinating 2021 LPs in my book.

New (to me, anyway) is that she’s a fan of the late great unconventional
Genesis P-Orridge and his band PSYCHIC TV. He was an experimental
artist who turned dance music upside down.

Anika picked GOD STAR one of his most famous crackersto cover.

“Genesis is a big inspiration, the humor and investigation element in their work. I remember going to a talk in NYC where G recommended that no-one finish art school. I like this concept. Perhaps it leaves things unfinished and room for the individual to grow shoots, continue on their own journey. Perhaps this is like music school or any creative school. I think G specifically thought the place was bull and that they could do it better on their own terms, which turned out great. They also told a story about an art school work, which involved a used tampon in the shell of a clock. It was called Period Piece. I like the humor in this piece and the deconstruction of social boundaries. They are for sure an inspiration, in how to do things your own way, carve out your own path and don’t worry too much about what other people are doing.”

Anika‘s magnetic take…

The original

Anika’s North American/Canada Tour

ANIKA: Facebook‘Change’ album on Spotify


Back in time…

3 February 2021

Who: Experimental post-punk mavericks led by the late great Genesis P-Orridge
Born in Manchester in 1950 – passed away in March 2020 in New York (he was 70).
He was also the mastermind of Throbbing Gristle
Active: 1965–2020

Album: TRIP/RESET – featuring The Angeles Of Light
Released: 6 February 1996 – 25 years ago

AllMusic wrote: “TRIP RESET, a clever pun denoting a new approach, away from the dance-oriented acid house of their previous few records, is one of Psychic TV’s most satisfying albums. Floating on a wave of sunny psychedelia, ‘A Star Too Far’ is a tender eulogy to Syd Barrett, and the Floyd’s ‘Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun’ is admirably reworked–Genesis P. Orridge and Alex Ferguson’s usual dark preoccupations still maintain an uneasy presence, typically on the chilling ‘Mother Jack (A Children’s Story),’ in which a blank-voiced girl recites a story about her murderous mother. Elsewhere, the light-hued pop and the ethereal ambience blend into a remarkable new whole, best seen in ‘Suspicious (West Coast Pop Art Experimental Remix),’ a chiaroscuro soundscape that’s alternately exhilarating and disturbing. An excellent return to form. Score 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume says: He did anything she wanted to do.

(Pink Floyd cover)

With Throbbing Gristle – R.I.P. Genesis P-Orridge

Full Trip/Reset LP…