Waking Up With DEXYS MIDNIGHT RUNNERS And Their 1980 Hit ‘GENO’

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6 May 2023

Besides Come Eileen Birmingham gang DEXYS MIDNIGHT RUNNERS
fronted by the eccentric Kevin Rowland, scored another #1 hit in the UK.

43 years ago today, on 6 May 1980, they topped the British charts
with GENO, the band’s second single from their debut longplayer.

The song was an ode to American soul singer Geno Washington.

Top Of The Pops performance.

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DEXYS MIDNIGHT RUNNERS – Debut LP ‘Searching For The Young Soul Rebels’ Released 40 Years Ago

12 July 2020

Band: Dexys Midnight Runners (Birmingham, UK)
Active: 1978–1986, 2003–present
Album: Searching For The Young Soul Rebels – debut LP
Released: 11 July1980  – 40 years ago
Score: #6 in the UK

BBC Music said: “Although coming four years after the first summer of punk, Searching For
The Young Soul Rebels by Birmingham eight-piece Dexys Midnight Runners is probably the truest capturing of the movement’s spirit ever released in Britain… Remember, this was a time when soul was seen as something of a delicacy, liked by the northern crowd or females while the boys had their prog or Pistols. When Dexys played songs such as Otis Redding’s Respect in their set, young British audiences had largely never heard of them and thought they were the group’s originals… Although Rowland may have had bigger hits (Too Rye Ay) and made a greater work (1985’s Don’t Stand Me Down), SFTYSR – fierce, raging and passionate – remains one of the greatest debut albums of all time.”

Here’s steamy top single Geno (no 1 hit n the UK)…

Full album…

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‘Geno’ By DEXYS MIDNIGHT RUNNERS – Released 40 Years Ago Today…

Top singles from the past…

15 March 2020

Band: Dexys Midnight Runners
Single: Geno  – the band’s second 7″
B-side: Breakin’ Down the Walls of Heartache
Released: 15 March 1980 – 40 years ago
Note: The song was an ode to American
soul singer Geno Washington
Album: Searching for the Young Soul Rebels
Debut LP – peaked at #6 in the UK
Score: #1 in the UK

The Top Of The Pops performance…

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