THE CHATS Say/Scream/Yell Loud And Clear ‘GET FUCKED’ Like It’s 1977 All Over Again

21 August 2022

Who: Three punks from Australia who
turn up the havoc decibels since 2016.

New album: GET FUCKED – 2nd LP

NME: “The group don’t preach their politics; ‘Get Fucked’ is simply a defiant
middle-finger to those in charge, as The Chats strive to offer moments of joy in
a world that seems very much against that mission.”
Full review here. Score 4/5.

TUTV: These Australian kick-ass dogs have an unstoppable appetite for adrenalin
injected blitzkrieg slams, as we know, from their 2020 debut LP High Risk Behaviour.
A bulldozer of a record propelled by 70s punk-a-billy bricks. So far so good.

The bad news: with Get Fucked they just made a copy of the first one, but with lesser
top-notch tank tunes on. They keep on going to the same year – 1977 – for inspiration, musically and lyrically, which gets boring in the end, certainly when you sound exactly
like a 1977 band that fuck up their dad’s garage (they all did back then).

I don’t understand the jubilant press this trio’s get. But as long as everybody’s happy, I’m happy too. Although I’m sure that The Chats will stick their middle finger in my eyes and yell get fucked in my ears when they hear about this review.


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