NEW ORDER – 7th Album ‘GET READY’ Released 20 Years Ago

26 August 2021

Band: NEW ORDER (Manchester)
Active: 1980–1993, 1998–2007, 2011–present
10 studio albums (so far)

Anniversary album:GET READY
Released: 27 August 2001 / 20 years ago today

Pitchfork: “All told, Get Ready is a pretty solid effort from a veteran band
that really has nothing left to prove. They’ve managed to bring together a
consistently rewarding set of songs and added yet another great album to
their already impressive canon. Unfortunately, the songwriting at times reveals
scattered holes, and the songs can draw on for too long. But if nothing else, Get
Ready proves that New Order are still capable of putting out an enjoyable album.
Let’s just hope they don’t stay away for eight more years before they give us the
next one.”
Full review here. Score: 7.5/10.

Turn Up The Volume: 8 years after their rather boring Ibiza dance
albums NO returned to their electrical pop best with feel-good tunes.

Singles/clips: Crystal / 60 Miles An Hour



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