SONIC YOUTH Is Dead! Long Live 3-Motor Engine PEUK!

De Kleine Kunst – Ghent, Belgium – 8 September 2018

SONIC YOUTH is dead! Long live PEUK! This Belgian trio is fronted by the young, highly appealing Nele Janssen who’s cracking guitar electricity reminded me instantly of Thurston Moore turbulent play. Startling, intoxicating and at times totally mind-blowing. On top of
it comes her striking vox, developing a primal scream intensity that makes the hair in your neck stand up. Robustly pushed by a tremendously pounding bass/drums force this three-motor engine made a truly tumultuous and vivacious impact on our hungry ears and our curious senses. Their strapping building up and breaking down energy is quite stunning. Hell yeah! PEUK is a must-follow band on its storming way to something really special
and after last night’s rip-roaring powerhouse set Turn Up The Volume! can’t wait to hear their soon coming debut LP. Here’s an idea of their magnetic power, ladies and gents…

PEUK: Facebook

Barbed wire passion

Big bangs


Intense fervour

(photo’s by Turn Up The Volume!)