Garage Blitzkrieg Rock Misfits THE GLÜCKS Ran Steamy Amok At Ghent Fest

THE GLÜCKS – Ghent Fest, Belgium – 19 July 2018

What the fuck! Belgium‘s sweatiest, thrashiest and steamiest 2-motor garage rock engine nailed it again. Yes, folks, furious amok runners THE GLÜCKS played a smashing set yesterday at Ghent Fest. These two mind-twisting drums/guitar misfits turn into an unstoppable volcanic eruption the second they hit the stage. They scorch, whizz, roar, scream, rumble, twist, shout, yell, rebel, steam, blaze, boil, burn, electrify, steam, whirl, discharge, thunder, smash, rock, drumfire, trigger, resonate, blister, inflame and turn
a hungry crowd into a state of trippy ecstasy. They all did this and more once again, last night in my hometown. Heavy shit! Smoking stuff! Fierce noise! Red-hot blitzkrieg! Hot-blooded performance! Hail hail The Glücks! New video ‘Why Do I Love You?’ will give you
a cracking idea of their psychobilly power…

And here are some yesterday’s visuals

Hit! Hit! Hit!

Spitting fire

“My name is Tina too!… Tina Turner”

The one and only real Tina…

Mean machine

Go totally nuts on new
album RUN AMOK

THE GLÜCKS: Facebook –Twitter

(concert pics JL/Turn Up The Volume!)