Third Longplayer By Emotive Atlanta Based Duo I AM A ROCKETSHIP – Here’s ‘GHOST STORIES’…

2 May 2020

I AM A ROCKETSHIP is an American-Swedish duo featuring Eric Weissinger and
L E Kippner. Their music draws from memories of 80s pop, hip-hop overheard on
Atlanta streets, Bernard Hermann soundtracks, and Neue Deutsche Härte to make bedroom pop with an edge.

They just released brand new, third longplayer GHOST STORIES. A versatile, multifaceted and most compelling record showing this engrossing tandem’s high-quality songwriting skills from moony, gripping reveries (False Impressions / Ghost Stories / The Spectacle ) to imposing, exhilarating grooves (My Nature / Come Along / Give / Walk With Me) and emotive, flamboyant pop-noir electricity (Five Points / You’re My Angel). It’s a sonic mixed emotions melting pot with horripilation vocals and ghostly guitar lines coming straight out of a psychotic David Lynch thriller. Yes, this rocketship explores several musical galaxies and takes you on a spacey journey.

Eric Weissinger said in a press statement: “This wasn’t intended to be an album. We were going to do an EP of a few songs we’d played live, but then I got this guitar, a 1949 Gibson,
and the song ‘Ghost Stories’ just poured out, completely written. We both fell into this groove
of coming up with new song ideas so that we ended up having to cut material for the album.
It was an incredibly loose and easy album to make, but it’s not disciplined or planned.”

Get on board and
stream/buy Ghost Stories here…