NICK CAVE Has Good And Bad News For 2023

9 January 2023

Living legend NICK CAVE loves to communicate with his
audience/fans via his Red Hand Files platform on his website.

Yesterday, he posted a long message regarding a possible Bad Seeds LP in 2023.
He said that he has good and bad news: “This is both good news and bad news.
Good news because who doesn’t want a new Bad Seeds record? Bad news because
I’ve got to write the bloody thing.”

Cave tells in length about his first working days of the longplayer. Here’s his full story.

“I started the process at 9am on January 1st. It is now January 6th – nearly a week has passed and I’ve written a few things but they aren’t very good, or maybe they are, it’s difficult to tell. A kind of doldrums has set in, perennial and predictable. It’s the same with every record, I feel that familiar feeling of lack, like I’m a big, dumb blank thing in a suit. I’m grumpy as fuck and Susie has decamped for a week. Anything that resembles a creative impulse is burrowed way down in some mossy, froggy hole, asleep, I hope, not dead. I have to call it forth, provoke it from its slumber. It becomes a nasty, punishing, baggy-eyed business. I’m starting to get an infuriating sing-song voice in my head that actually rhymes, like a madness. Like sadness.

The first lines I wrote on January 1st were…

Ushering in the year he knelt down
And crushed his brother’s head with a bone

That felt like an okay way to start a record but it also felt kind
of terminal and didn’t really go anywhere. Then a few days later
I added to it…

Ushering in the new year he knelt down
And crushed his brother’s head with a bone
It’s my great privilege to walk you home
In the rain. Hop inside my coat.

That felt a bit better, like something I guess, but not much.
Then the next day, because I had a rain theme going, I wrote…

The frogs in the gutter are jumping for God
Amazed of love, amazed of pain
Amazed to land back in the gutter again

And that felt like it summed things up. Writing lyrics is the pits. It’s like jumping for
frogs, Fred. It’s the shits. It’s the bogs. It actually hurts. It comes in spurts, but few and far between. There is something obscene about the whole affair. Like crimes that rhyme. I hope this doesn’t last long. I’m actually scared. But it always does. Last long. To write a song. You hope to God there is something left. You are bereft. I’m going to stop this letter. It isn’t making things better. It’s like flogging a dead horse. Worse. It’s a hearse. A hearse of dead verse. Dead, Fred. Dead.

Love, Nick
Happy New Year everybody!”

While waiting for the new one we can listen to the previous one.
Wondrous mystic with Ghosteen released in 2019

NICK CAVE & BAD SEEDS: Website – All Albums

(Images. On top: cover of The Boatman’s Call and in the middle: cover of his live LP recorded in Alexandra Palace in London)


Reveries for the laziest day of the week

Here’s ‘WAITING FOR YOU’ from the new double album Ghosteen by NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS. It’s one of the most sorrowful, saddening and heart & soul-touching songs Cave ever wrote. It just brings me down to tears…

All through the night we drove and the wind caught her hair
And we parked on the beach in the cool evening air
Well, sometimes it’s better not to say anything at all
Your body is an anchor, never asked to be free
Just want to stay in the business of making you happy
Well I’m just waiting for you
Waiting for you, waiting for you
Waiting for you, waiting for you
Waiting for you
A priest runs through the chapel, all the calendars are turning
A Jesus freak on the street says He is returning
Well sometimes a little bit of faith can go a long, long way
Your soul is my anchor, never asked to be freed
Well sleep now, sleep now, take as long as you need
‘Cause I’m just waiting for you
Waiting for you, waiting for you
Waiting for you, waiting for you
Waiting for you
To return (x3)

NICK CAVE – Here’s ‘BRIGHT HORSES’ – One Of The Most Touching Ballads On His New Double LP…

Relaxing reveries for the laziest day of the week

13 October 2019

Last week NICK CAVE and his BAD SEEDS released intimate, compelling and heart & soul touching double album GHOSTEEN. One of Turn Up The Volume‘s favourite tracks is this most moving love ballad called ‘BRIGHT HORSES. Capture the soulful magic here…


The bright horses have broken free from the fields
They are horses of love, their manes full of fire
They are parting the cities, those bright, burning horses
And everyone is hiding, and no one makes a sound
And I’m by your side, and I’m holding your hand
Bright horses of wonder springing from your burning hand

(Ooh, oh)

And everyone has a heart and it’s calling for something
And we’re all so sick and tired of seeing things as they are
And horses are just horses and their manes aren’t full of fire
The fields are just fields and there ain’t no Lord
And everyone is hidden, and everyone is cruel
And there’s no shortage of tyrants and no shortage of fools
And the little white shape dancing at the end of the hall
Is just a wish that time can’t dissolve at all

(Ooh, oh)

Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, this world is plain to see
It don’t mean we can’t believe in something
And anyway, my baby’s coming back now on the next train
I can hear the whistle blowin’, I can hear the mighty roar
I can hear the horses prancing in the pastures of the Lord
Oh, the train is coming, and I’m standing here to see
And it’s bringing my baby right back to me
Well, there are some things that are hard to explain
But my baby’s coming home now on the 5:30 train

New album GHOSTEEN out now – you can stream it here


Just released

4 October 2019

Band: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Album: Ghosteen – a double LP
Sound: Delicate, intimate and grasping reveries with Nick Cave‘s characteristic, gloomy
and lyrical voice in the center of it all. Cave described the (double) LP as a ‘migrating spirit, the songs on the first album are the children & the ones on the second record are their parents.”
NME’s verdict: 5/5 stars review here

You can stream/listen here…