The Continuing Cover Story Of TOYAH And ROBERT

16 March 2021

TOYAH WILLCOX and her husband ROBERT FRIPP keep on rocking
in the free world on their weekly Sunday Cover Lunch Sessions and get
more and more fans along the way.

This time, the by now perfectly well-oiled tandem entertains thousands
and thousands of us, from their home, with a spicy cover of sexy ripper
Girls Girls Girls by glam metal band Mötley Crüe (still alive and kicking).

Again it’s slapstick fun from start to finish with
Toyah practicing for the coming US Open.

Point, set, game

The original

Hot-Blooded Canadian Punk Pair MIESHA & THE SPANKS Rock And Roll Back In Time With ‘MOTORIN’ Clip…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

8 May 2019

If you wanna have an idea of the childhood dreams of Canadian 2-cylinder punk duo MIESHA & THE SPANKS you’ll just have to watch the band’s fresh and most amusing
video clip for MOTORIN’ one of the rowdiest bangers on their latest album GIrls Girls Girls.

I suppose when guitarist/thunderous vox Miesha Louie and drummer Sean Hamilton were teenagers they found out quickly how dull a normal job actually was/is and they decided instead to go out, to discover unknown places, to have hot-dog & French fries fights, to check out new fun games along the way and experiment with fresh milkshake flavors, but most of all they hit the streets to jump on stage at night and set the place
on fire with explosive rock racket in front of an adoring crowd going ballistic. Here’s a universal dream of millions, then, now and tomorrow…

MIESHA & THE SPANKS: Facebook – Website – ‘Girls Girls Girls’ LP

PICK OF THE DAY – Canadian Two-Piece MIESHA & THE SPANKS Shoot Firecracker Into The ‘ATMOSPHERE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

26 January 2018

Band: MIESHA & THE SPANKS (cool name)
Base: Calgary, AB, Canada
Who: Miesha Louie (vox/guitar) and Sean Hamilton (drums) are “purveyors of the most rough ‘n tumble, energy driven garage-rock possible. Sassy vocals, dirty riffs, pounding drums- this two-piece is overpowering and infectious. Charming hearts and kicking ass four years and counting.”
Score: on the first single from their upcoming debut album ‘Girls Girls Girls‘ this sizzling two-piece bolide sounds like if Courtney Love‘s hot band Hole is back with a glam grunge stomper. A cracking crasher pushed by dynamite drum hits, spiced with sultry vocals and going totally gaga on the scream-along chorus. Catching stuff to energize your adrenalin flow. You already guessed it: the only way to play this powerful hammerhead is LOUD! Here we go, 1-2-3-4…

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