TOWANDA – This Fuzzy Metallic Artillery From Canada Will Pulverize Your Head With New Detonation ‘ANOTHER BRIDGE BURNED’…

19 February 2018

“Eating people for breakfast, burning love to the ground since 2013…”

Metallic fuzz buzz trio TOWANDA (Montreal/Rhode Island) released their impressive
debut longplayer Plaything in 2016. A thunderous record filled with head-smacking
blows and lots of “avant-gruel-metallic-rock-noir” & “a steaming pile of raging estrogen.”

The rabid 3-piece return now with scorching lead-track ANOTHER BRIDGE BURNED
from upcoming 4-track EP titled ‘Freak Of Nurture‘. This new knockout slam is a slow-moving serpent getting nastier and rowdier with every wall-of-ominous-noise-second
until the apocalypse finally roars its ugly head. This bad-ass sockdolager will sneak into your unsuspected brain before you can say ‘Trump is a hopeless moron’ and mess up all dark corners of your poor head, and, trust me you’ll bloody love it. Here’s the glowing inferno, burn it now…

The EP will be out on 6 April via GIRLSVILLE, a pretty cool independent
label from Chicago. All info/pre-order facilities here on Bandcamp

TOWANDA: Facebook

Artwork ‘Freak Of Nurture EP

Gripping Garage Blues Electricity With Forceful Ladies Duo… MR. AIRPLANE MAN

Noise that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


Bits & Pieces by MR. AIRPLANE MAN

MR. AIRPLANE MAN is Margaret Garrett (guitar & vocals) and Tara McManus (drums, organ and vocals) from Boston, Massachusetts. The band started first in the late 90s producing a welter of noise inspired by Mississippi hill country blues, Memphis weirdo rock and roll,
drony VU, bad ass Stooges and garage heat. They released three records and toured with some big names: Morphine, The Reigning Sound, White Stripes, Detroit Cobras, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Dirtbombs and The Blues Explosion among others. Last year, after more than
a ten-year break Tara and Margaret came back together for some live shows and plans
for a new LP. But first here’s some exciting stuff from the band’s past. BITS AND PIECES
is a collection of odds and ends culled from the duo’s private tapes and will be released
on a limited edition cassette (digital version is also available) via Chicago label Girlsville.

If you like your blues raw, intense, passionate, sexy, honest and powerful have a listen here. A stream of glowing fuel for heart and soul. No special effects. These devoted DIY ladies are for real, doing it THEIR electrifying way. Fix yourself a drink, dim the lights,
press the button and experience the cutting gloominess…

MR. AIRPLANE: Website – Facebook – Bandcamp