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In order to not miss a beat Turn Up The Volume scans the musical
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Check the 10 new rad cuts just
added to this rad 2023 playlist.


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1. ‘Robot’ by PENNYPACKER (Belgium)

These 4 motherrockers learned their craft by making noisy waves in different
bands before. They just released their cooking 4-track EP named ROBOT.

Robot artwork

The title track is a bass/guitar-riff hammer blow going everywhere fast.
A fanatical flare-up that speeds towards a monstrous climax. Who needs
humans when robots kick ass this knife-edged way.

Check in.


2. ‘Just Stop Oil’ by MINISTRY (Chicago)

On 1 March 2024 industrial rock hot rod Al Jourgensen and his band
Ministry drop album #16, baptized HOPIULFORTHEMASSES.

First single JUST STOP OIL is a familiar battering haymaker
about our threatened environment. Yes, Jourgensen cares and
makes a lot of noise about it.

Press play.


3. ‘Sabretooth Monkey’ by MY OCTOPUS MIND (Bristol, UK)

Last week these English misfits released their new
turbulent album Trying To Be Normal. Stream it here.

Closer Sabetrooth Monkey is one of the highlights. A viciously funky bass-driven shocker that does your head in with its maddening mid-tempo beat. The ominous chorus with its metallic guitar aggression adds even more fervent furor to this brainbreaker. Touchdown.

I don’t wanna know
I’m a sabre-toothed monkey
So what you gonna do
now you Juiced up Flunky
Where you gonna go


4. ‘Losing My Faith’ by ELECTRIC CIRCUS (Newcastle, UK)

EC:It’s about the trials and tribulations of modern day life and how no matter who
you are or where you come from, we all have our own personal battles that we’re fighting.
It’s ideally a message of hope, and tries to convey that no matter who you are, we’re all in
this together and we’re all just trying to hold on to our faith, and not to lose it when times
get tough or big changes come around.

Losing My Faith rumbles, rattles, and roll from the kick-off. Afire guitars,
bashing drumming, and hopped-up vocals going paranoiac on the titanic
chorus. A crackerjack stroke. Trust me, you can have faith in this band.

Tune in.


5. ‘A Little To Well’ by DEGREES (Sweden)

Photo credit: Evelina Carbor

This Swedish duo just dropped their first album in 10 years. It’s called Pt. V

“With their love for captivating melodies and soft synths, Degrees continue
where they left off; epic, poetic melancholy with reveling pop rhythms, enriched
with a little drive from the early 80ies Synthpop and modern Shoegaze.”

Album artwork

A Little To Well is a sizzling stunner, a supersonic missile, sounding like a falbbergasting
post-punk symphony loaded with frenetic guitars, frantic synths, flaring duet vocals and
an amazeballs chorus. Yeah!



6. ‘Personal Jesus’ by TREVOR HORN and IGGY POP

British famous singer-songwriter-producer Trevor Horn (now 74),
who scored a No 1 UK hit in 1979 with his one-time project
and their pop tune
Video Killed The Radio Star is about to release an
album of covers.

One of the covered songs is Personal Jesus, the 24-carat Depeche Mode classic from 1990. Horn invited eternal punk IGGY POP to do the singing. An inch-perfect decision. At the age of 76, he still bites like he wants to be your dog. His performance here is bone-chilling.


7. ‘Kurt Cobain’ by SAM HUNN from Verticoli (Australia)

The track is about emotional turmoil, something that worked as a burden on the late great Kurt Cobain‘s psyche. Hunn translated this confused state of mind into a droning grunge sucker-punch that races with illegal speed.

It has some mind-bending boogie-woogie piano play that’s surrounded by mental guitars and Hunn‘s flipped-out vocals. The huge chorus does the rest. Smells like a bewildering Cobain tribute.



8. ‘Sitcom’ by WIESINGER (Alberta, Canada)

Justin Wiesinger about Sitcom: “Sometimes life feels like a “Sitcom.” Minus the audience laugh tracks. This song is super tongue in cheek silly, but I think it has a humanity and a certain depth to it that can make you, the listener, squirm and really think deeply about your own life.”

These are the kind of frolicsome and upbeat pop tunes always welcome on my headphones in these worrying times. It’s a tremendously infectious and an inspiringly charming earworm. Sunbeams for Fall. Sing along, hum along, whistle along. Always believe in a bright light at the end of the tunnel.



9. ‘Now And Then’ by THE BEATLES

A previously unreleased John Lennon song, titled Now And Then,
billed as the last song by The Beatles was released last week.

Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr worked on the 1979 demo while
compiling The Beatles Anthology in the mid-’90s featuring ‘new’ songs Free As A Bird
and Real Love, but didn’t finish it.

Now, using advanced technology and a curatorial touch, McCartney
and Starr have completed what they started with George, and turned
it into a fully orchestrated pearl of a love song.


10. ‘Take It All Away’ by GISELLE AND ERIK (US)

Originally from Orlando and Gainesville, FL and currently based in Nashville, TN, Giselle and Erik are a husband-and-wife duo. Their genre-crossing style melds their roots in folk and jazz. Each of them songwriters, Giselle and Erik offer their audiences a collection of original music that pairs Giselle’s warm, lyrical voice and mellow piano with the sweet sounds of Erik’s jazz and classical guitar.

After experiencing a life-or-death medical surgery, the pair found comfort in
music with the release of their brand new affectional EP, fittingly called Healing.

Opening track Take It All The Way is my favourite. A romantic and uplifting beauty
with marvellous acoustic guitar play, subtle piano touches and blissful vocals.
Think Angel Olsen/Emmilou Harris.


See/hear you again next week, music junkies

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