BUCK GOOTER – American Synth-Punk Act Turns Your Psyche Upside Down With New Heavy Hammerhead

New striking strokes

4 February 2023

Who: Synth-punk duo – Terry Turtle and Billy Brett – from Virginia, that hit the scene in 2008. They played hundreds of gigs and released 10+ records, until the unfortunate death of Turtle in 2019. Brett fulfilled his final wish by keeping on making/playing music as he asked for.

New album: GHOST BRAIN
Release: 4 April 2023 – more info here.

“As the album title implies, the musings of Terry’s “Ghost Brain” are present throughout the entire album, just as his guitar and chain mail mask stand as a forever haunting tribute on Buck Gooter’s stage. He can be heard through voice samples (ranging from shit talking to the last voicemail message Terry ever left on Billy’s phone) and drones…even an improv MicroKorg jam.”

Lead single/video: BURNING GLASS

Billy Brett: “It’s a rocker about modern life. Life spent staring at burning glass. It gets hellish sometimes. Clutching a piece of glass with fire underneath it, stroking, and staring. Us humans get ourselves into some wild predicaments. Wishing it would all turn back into sand.”

TUTV: Don’t look at your phone when Billy Brett is around or he’ll get in your face with this merciless Götterdämmerung hammerhead. Mind you, he’ll do it anyway. Trust me, you’ll like it. Oh my, it feels great when battering blasts like this turn your psyche upside down and make your boring state of mind explode in just 200 seconds. So more exciting than our daily reality. Burning Glass should be the ineffaceable ringtone on every smartphone around the globe. Now!

Go bonkers.

Check this Bandcamp interview with Billy Brett
about Buck Gooter and the late Terry Turtle here.