Amorphous Florida Trio GLOVE With Scintillating Synth Symphony ‘CHEWING ON A FIRE’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

19 May 2023

Photo by Jeremy Malizola


Who: Trio formed in Tampa, Florida. They are a fluid unit wherein there is not a singular front person. This aligns with the band’s creative ethos in opposition to being categorized as one fixed configuration, but rather, amorphous, generating intrigue, suspense, and excitement among fans. Last year they released their Booming Nights.


Glove: “’Chewing on a Wire’ is the yearning for the natural and digital world to be able to coexist together. To believe in the advancement of technology without leaving the natural world behind. Fighting for balance and the battlefield is on the dance floor. This song was written on the day we got turned down by a record label. It wasn’t significant at the time, but looking back now, it’s funny timing. The song was a completely different version then. The lyrics and notes have stayed the same, but the instruments, BPM and overall feeling have taken new shape. We wrote and recorded this song at home. Actually, the chorus wasn’t fully written till right before we were about to send the song to get mixed and it became our favorite part of the song.”

TUTV: Saturday Night Fever vibrations for laser-lights-filled nightclubs where
you can sway and shake off your daily rat race pressure. The DJ should play
Chewing On A Fire between New British Romantics Visage and doom luminaries
Sisters Of Mercy
tunes. The track’s vocally ravishing chorus and scintillating synth
symphony resonance fit perfectly in there. Full dance floor guaranteed.

Fascination eyes
Fashion accessory
Fascination eyes
Bring the best out of me

Fascination eyes
Fashion accessory
Fascination eyes
Hang right there over me



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