GO FRONTWARDS COMPILATION – Great Humanitarian Cause, Great PAVEMENT Covers Album

9 February 2023

HEAVENLY CREATURE RECORDS is a Scottish zero profit label/community.

They have another great humanitarian cause compilation out, named GO FORWARDS.
It features 24 covers of iconic Californian outfit PAVEMENT, one of the most influential post-punk indie rocker bands ever.

Led by maestro Stephen Malkmus they made striking music waves from 1989 to 1999. Afterwards, everybody went his own way until last year. They reunited and started a long tour (still running) pleasing old fans and new fans with a series of their jangly gems from yesteryear.

Thanks to driving force Lauren Mooset, Heavenly Creature Records
released a digital compilation collecting covers of 24 Pavement tracks
performed by an international cast of indie artists, new and old(er).
All proceeds go to a humanitarian cause.


HCR wants to support, financially, The Unity Centre – Glasgow.

Who: “We give practical support and solidarity to all asylum seekers and other
migrants in Scotland. We also support anyone detained in any UK Detention Centres.
The Centre is run by the Unity Centre Collective. We are No Borders. We believe
everyone should have freedom of movement.”

ARTISTS (click on the name for social links)

Chris Nitti
Elephant in Red
Buy Her Candy
Quitter and Audrey Bizouerne
Battle Ave.
The Wife Guys of Reddit
Com Vorton
Caleb Nichols
The Lowest Bitter
The Tisburys

Publicity Department
Dan from Slash Fiction
Dog Dream
Sorry Coach!
Beat Radio
Go Speed Racer

Name your price.

Heavenly Creature Records: Twitter
The Unity Centre Glasgow: Website